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List of cool JRPG's I never finished.

For all the crap they're given there can actually be a lot of variety in jrpgs. For me, gameplay is king so a fun unique battlesystem goes a long way. Unfortunately, I tend to go so far into it early on that I burn out on the combat before I'm done with the game, and whatever story there is, isn't enough motivation to keep me going.

This dilemma, where the pacing of the combat is meant to be a slow burn, to go along the slow burn of the story, gets out of sync once I put 10 hours into grinding early on to get to all that sweet customization!

What's the solution? make shorter rpgs? At the same time, I managed to finish Persona 4 and Fire Emblem: Awakening, both after about 100 hours each, partly because I was invested in the characters, so maybe it's an issue of there actually being story you're interested in seeking out. FE:A in particular had its side content dedicated to learning more about your units, it's what made leveling them up appealing.

Either way, here is a list of some cool games that I didn't finish, but I wish I did.

UPDATE: Final Fantasy 13 and Xenoblade Chronicles were originally on this list. But I actually finally managed to go back and finish those, so maybe there's hope for the rest of the games on this list as well.

List items

  • Man this game is hardcore. Leveling and party creaton has a lot of freedom and is the slowest of burns, the story doesn't really get in the way either, so really, this time it was the harshness of the gameplay that kept me from coming back to it. Got, by my estimates, 1/3 of the way through it. Would like to see it through sometime.

  • I only got to chapter 3. Its story and characters has yet to do anything for me, it really drags down the game by not having any direction. Still its battle system is crazy. Unintuitive and hard as hell, but really unique and intriguing. Beating a really hard boss led to me taking a break, and then I didn't come back.

  • The story didn't capture me, the leveling system confounded me when it didn't seem to want to give me any interesting choices. Its world was interesting enough, and battle system had enough of a unique spin to it. It just wasn't enough.

  • Firing this game up a few years since I last played it I was reminded of how fun its battle system could be. Quitting it was really a combination of the platforming puzzles not being interesting, the bosses becoming hardedr and harder with me finding I didn't improve enough myself to adapt. As well as there being so many characters I wanted to level up, just to see what was probably not a whole lot of extra story. That is, a lot of work for little reward. Still a cool game.

  • Dhoulmagus is the name of a hard boss in this game, that probably feels like a final boss but isn't. I beat him and kept going for a little bit, but then I just didn't have any desire to keep going. I'm not sure if I ever really got into this game to begin with, despite the hours I put into it. The game of this list I'm the least likely to ever return to.

  • A game that took basic, oldschool jrpg mechanics and evolved them to a point where they felt modern. I greatly enjoyed the systems, but a particularly hard bossfight, followed by random encounters that made me feel underleveled, or maybe I just didn't want to put so much effort into every single battle, combined to put me off from coninuing the game. That the story felt like an anime I didn't want to watch also didn't help. And I didn't even get to the part that people where complaining about.

  • I've pretty much, just about, basically finished this game. I got to the part where the characters said: "Go fight Sin, and also you can go around the map in this airship now". That's right at the end, right?

    I generally liked the characters and story at the time, and generally liked the gameplay as well, even if some of it felt like matching up the character to the enemy type at some points. I don't think I'd want to replay it now, but also don't feel like I have too. I already know how the game ends, after all. Though unfinished, I'm satisfied with having it in the back of my mind as it is.