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Best of 2010

jacobgray: Best of 2010

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  • What I initially thought to be an overhyped, bad third person shooter turned out to be a surprisingly funny, quirky, and at times downright disturbing experience that topped my list as hugely memorable.

  • A game world that I was very familiar with jumped forward five years and became once again full of new wonders and adventures. Who knew that this game would, after all this time, find all new ways to fuel my fire?

  • My favorite plastic instrument game got more fun songs, new plastic instruments, and soon new real instruments. My favorite way to spend time when no one is around to hear me sing my heart out.

  • While the stories of the Layton games have gotten progressively more bizarre, they are a wonderfully compelling wrapper for the brain itching puzzles underneath.

  • Perhaps the most addictive game of the year. I find myself constantly intending to only play a puzzle or two, but all of a sudden an hour has gone by.

  • A charming, fairly easy RPG from one of my favorite studios that, due to its length, never wore out its welcome.

  • One of the best times I had this year was playing all the way through this and Bionic Commando Rearmed with my best friend on the couch, like we were back in the NES days.

  • A fusion of God of War and Zelda with a Warhammer artistic flare that is much more fun than any of its parts.

  • A new game in my favorite variant of, or in fact the origin of, the Megaman series. No, it's not too hard, you just suck.

  • A fun, super streamlined, throwback RPG with a solid sense of humor. And it's a dollar.