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Games Played In 2010

A list i will be amending as the year goes by to remember what i've played and what i have not...

List items

  • Oh man, game of the year 2010 came out on the 5th of january. How is that fair? Seriously amazing game. I hotly anticipate a sequel.

  • S-ranked. Amazing game. you know that, don't need me to tell you.

  • Got much better in the late game, still not sure it needed to exist. Bioshock was an excellent self contained package.

  • S-ranked. It took me many months after I played it to fully realise my opinion. As a long time final fantasy fan I think if the series continues after 13 it'll be the first game in the franchise I don't buy day one. It's beautiful, the everything about the game is gorgeous but the gameplay and the story, the reasons you play a final fantasy game, simply arn't there any more.

  • Could use more Saints row 2 but otherwise fantastic if you wanna hook a trash can onto a 747.

  • S-ranked. also,EVERY game needs 50 cent. i decree it.

  • Ugh, i seriously need to stop playing Tomb Raider games. Time for Lara to take her millions and retire.

  • Never got around to it last year. It's halo ass halo but i really enjoyed the musical score as always.

  • Not as good as Rise of a ninja :( But still a solid anime offshoot fighting/adventure game.

  • Yeah i played it for points. put the disc in, 90 seconds later i had 1000 points, then i immediately put it back in the envelope and sent it back.

  • Boring, the npc feels cheap, you never feel THAT powerful, the gameplay repeats pretty much constantly. Not a fan.

  • This game is not nearly as bad as it was made out to be by me. In fact it might be a GOTY contender for me. Incredible game, i'm glad i played it.

  • I was hoping for something to topple ace combat. It's not this game. It's good but deffinately not great and not worth much of your time or money. a rental at best.

  • I never played the Phoenix Wright games before but always wanted to. I picked up this gem and enjoyed it immensely though my attention did drop off before i made it all the way through the last case.

  • An old pseudo RTS game based on the war in the pacific? Sure. Not great but not bad either.

  • More fun then i expected, the GeoMod 2.0 technology holds up surprisingly well, some of the best destruction physics i've seen in a console game. Gets a bit dry in the end game, bit grindy.

  • Charming, well written, Awful gameplay, i couldn't force myself to finish it. Shame as i can tell theres a lot to love there. First time i've enjoyed jack black in a game.

  • GTA4 Was awesome. Even so i found myself very attached to the DLC for this game. Amazingly well written and made me want to stick with it. A Great package.

  • Codemasters continue to tug my heartstrings. This game gives me a lot of nostalgia of the old days of V-rally. a very good game but a bit trying on my patience. I don't have the same love for this type of racing game as I used to.

  • I just couldn't penetrate this. I think I played it way too long after it came out because it just felt dated. I wanted to continue the story but I just couldn't really get into it.

  • Wow. Okay I played this for the points but I am a harry potter fan and sitting through this was nothing less then PAINFUL! Don't do it to yourself!

  • I enjoyed this short TPS despite my issues with the controls feeling both floaty and stiff. Curving bullets is fun but despite everything and it's 4-5 hour campaign it still feels like it goes on for too long.

  • Generic as hell Third person shooter. Not much to like here. or point out. 50 cent: blood on the sand is miles better.

  • The ultimate stress-free gaming experience. Love it, a bit repetitive for a completionist like me but hey, it's not built for power-play. Everything in it is incredibly cute, the color-palate is fantastic just a beautiful game thats great for a chill out.

  • This game demonstrated 2 points, RTS games on consoles CAN in fact be fun.

    AND that RTS games will always be suited for the PC. A good time especially for a hardcore fan of the halo lore...even if i was picking apart the plot holes.

  • God what happened need for speed? You used to be cool. Remember when underground came out and it was awesome and then you followed it up with underground 2 and it was even better thanks to snoop dogg.

    Somewhere after that you fell off a cliff and you continue to drop. Not a game for anyone who likes fun.

  • I have such a soft spot for tiger woods games but as soon as they start to consume as much time as warcraft i have to put them down. A great game for the committed.

  • How this gem evaded me for so long i have no idea! A fantastic third person survival horror game. The atmosphere is intense and very convincing. There are monster closets but they're not over-utilised. Genuinely able to scare you for the front half of the game until it gets a little more action orientated and you get used to what they throw at you. The weapons are very satisfying and theres nothing like slicing limbs off en masse. A fantastic game I reccomend that people play, even more so that it's cheap.

  • Yup. It's more Crackdown. Fun for a couple hours but the repetition quickly comes in and becomes a struggle to finish.

  • A genuine disappointment. I've been a fan of splinter cell for years now and as a fan i recognised that the gameplay previously seen did need to be refreshed for the modern era. I don't think they did a good job however. This isn't so much a stealth action game as a third person shooter with cover mechanics. It's a very short, somewhat fun title with basically no replay value and offers nothing to the Sam Fisher fiction.

  • I don't really know what happened here. Split/Second is an awesome game and a terrific amount of fun with excellent sense of speed. The rubber banding AI drove me crazy but other then that it's a solid title. That said i just couldn't get half way into it before i felt the grind. Racing games are quickly becoming a bore to me. Something i find troubling.

  • Yup i played it for the points! of which there were many. I'm enough of a sadist to S-Rank Final fantasy 13 but not a harry potter game! Here's a tip, mute it and listen to a bombcast, makes it much more tollerable.

  • The title that started the controversy. I had to play it just to see what all the fuss is about and frankly, Jeff was generous! This game is god damn awful. i tried to force myself to the end but i just couldn't take it.

  • I finally got to layton. Every so often a game like this makes me reevaluate my dusty DS lite and consider how awesome the console can be. Professor layton's first venture is an excellent one full of charm, challenging puzzles and an excellent art style. Combined with graphics and sound that i honestly thought were not possible on the system and you have a solid game. full reccomendation from me.

  • The pinacle of halo. I'm convinced it can't get any better than this. If you like halo multiplayer then this is the one for you.

  • A simply incredible game. It has the markings of a rockstar game all over it and carries them with pride. If you like the west, sandbox games, grand theft auto games or even just third person shooters, you'll find something to like here.

  • Atmospheric, haunting and ultra-violent. This game followed me into my dreams for days. One of the greatest XBLA titles of all time.

  • Have you ever bought something on Xbox live then when the download indicator gets to 2% realise what a horrible mistake you've made?

    I was the biggest dreamcast fan, i still maintain it was one of the greatest consoles of all time. This was the launch title that impressed us all. It hasn't aged well. Sonic's been dead for longer then i knew.

  • God what a game! An excellent team fortress 2 kind of clone with elements of DOTA. I cannot recommend this title enough. If you enjoy team based online shooters with all manner of craziness, this is for you. FUTURE-SPORTS!

  • First street fighter game i've played since 1999 and god damn, it's so good! I've been mentally fighting the urge to get a fightstick for months now, i think i'm losing. You have to get this.

  • my 2010's 2009 game of the year! I played so many hours of this when it came out last year that when the GOTY edition shipped and with all the DLC no less, i couldn't say no! Another game i own twice!

  • after watching the Persona 4 series and subsequently being told P3 was a better game i knew i had to test this for myself. I still cannot believe these games came out as late as they have on the PS2. The Persona games are hidden gems i never knew existed until the endurance run and man, You have to play these!

  • Good god damn shit monkey balls this game is GOOD! I never thought i would like alan wake, i considered it to be an adventure game that had supposedly been well written.

    This game is a god damn literary masterpiece, it looks beautiful, the atmosphere is tense and exhilerating. I put the game in my xbox and i didn't turn it off until it was finished and i'll be damned if that wasn't 12 hours well spent.

  • Damn if this wasn't enjoyable from start to finish. Solid gunplay mechanics, a complicated but intriguing story with a number of interesting ways to end the story as you see fit. I reccomend it.

  • Picked this up in the end of year sale based on Alex Navarro's recommendation and i was not disappointed. Charming visual style, approachable gameplay and a solid multiplayer component make this a great download.

  • This game is extremely well named. Blisteringly fast, this game is pure ecstacy for the short time you'll experience it. This is one climax which is over fast but no less satisfying.

  • Xbox live perfect dark. It certainly takes me back and the controls are infinitely better but the game is OOOOOLD! it pains me to remember this game because it makes me feel old.

    That said, it's an enjoyable retro gaming experience.