Best of 2010

Jahandar: Best of 2010

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  • Great addition to the franchise and another great platform for the PC modding community. Console users don't know what they are missing.

  • Even more cinematic than the first, with better gameplay!

  • I know what you're thinking, but you know what, screw you. This game had amazing character customization and fun combat. Was it perfect? No. But it brought a unique experience that I've actually missed since it was shut down.

  • Underrated game with a lot of atmosphere.

  • Amazing sandbox. It's still only in beta, but Gamasutra and ABC put this on their 2010 lists, so I will too.

  • This deceptively complex MMO ate way more time than I would've dreamed in 2010.

  • This game suprised me. Despite looking like a 5 year old Tribes ripoff, it actually offers good fast-past team action.