Games I've Clocked, for the Sake of Mine Own Recollection

Everytime I sit down and try to think of all the titles that have passed betwixt my hands, I can't help but feel the them all slipping away faster than my minds eye can capture them. To seal them in writing, to bind with words so as to recall when I fail to do so - that is my intention.

So in no particular order (or, if I by chance DO remember, than in order of completion), as they come to me over the course of however many days, weeks and months, I commit to record my own legacy of vanquished titles.

For the sake of clarity, I will only include titles I have played from start to finish at least once, with the exemption of those with no end game scenario. This isn't a "100% Completed" list (the contents of which would be sparse indeed), I am by no means a completionist or a Platinum hunter - merely an enthusiast wishing for a hard copy of his feats.

With that said, let us begin this journey...

List items

  • Most likely the first videogame I played, ever. Playing it on my grandmother's Commodore 64, I would eventully inherit that computer (we used it more than she did). But until that day came to be, it was one of the best reasons to visit grandma. Yes, that's right folks - my grandmother got me hooked on digital crack :P

  • My friend down the street was the resident game dealer - everytime something new hit it was in his disk drive. Although I only participated in a supervisory capacity when he played through it, I've since beaten it on my own, allowing me to place it up on it's pedestal, as one of my first Adventure games.

  • Closely followed by this stunner. Great puzzles, killer jokes and self-referential (Ask Me About Loom). Will go down in history thanks to the line "Look behind you! A three-headed monkey!"

  • And speaking of firsts, this fighting gem from Epic. It was one thing being able to play as massive robots kicking the bolts out of each other. And then we found out about the Scrap and Destruction finishers - and thus, we were all likened to :O

  • Oh yes, the whole shebang - from warlocks, to dragons, to High Wizard Terexin himself. 36 levels over 4 episodes. I can still hear Hocus' shouts of "WAHOO!" as he runs across the finish line.

  • Oh Jill of a Bigone Era. Your Amazonian exploits have long since past but you're still fondly remembered.

  • Hailing the King before he was entirely innappropriate.

    (If you can't tell, I've got my Degree in Platforming pretty early on)

  • Played on a PC that was only slightly under minimum specs, on account of not yet being a citizen of the Playstation nation. Still had fun, game just ran slow during big explosions :P

  • 2nd verse; same as the first (also on PC). First game to inspire me to buy a magazine just for the walkthrough. All for the sake of saving 300 mudokons :)

    (Nude Lara Croft on the cover was just a bonus)

  • To be fair, my friend owned the N64 on our block. But it was my skills (and my walkthrough, also in previously mentioned mag) that got us through together. Revisited Hyrule recently - it's still as awesome as I remember.

  • I was one of the many gamers that cursed Playstation owners everywhere when those damnable ads began rolling out. Until I became an owner myself :)

    My first Playstation purchase, and the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

  • Sir Daniel Fortesque's quest for honour and redemption.

  • Known as Tombi! in the PAL territories. I played the hell out of the original Tombi! demo. It was long out of print by the time I got my PSone, so I went with this. Imagine my dissapointment when I found out you needed a complete save file from the first game to beat this one 100% T_T

  • I have fond memories of this one.

    But now I can look back on it with out the fog of adolescence-tinted glasses and see it was a pretty tedious affair. If I tried to boot it up now, I'd probably call it quits into the first dungeon. Here's to you Ashley Riot and your unfinished tale.

    Interesting fact: I had a choice between this and Tomba! 2. I chose Tomba!, and got Vagrant at a later date. What does that say about me?

  • Not long after acquiring my console, I set upon my local videostores to start renting anything and everything. Got round to experiencing the cheese for myself once and for all.

  • Will go down in infamy as "The Game That Almost Gave Me a Heart Attack". The funny thing? I knew it was coming - it STILL made me knee-jerk hit the pause button and hyperventilate a little!

  • It was right around this point I was getting sick of the tired movement mechanics. I'm a human being not a tank for fucks sake!

  • This one was just a god-damn mess. I played it, but the hell if I enjoyed myself.

  • 10/1/10 - Why should I care? Sing it to someone else!

  • 10/11/10 - Back for another round of puzzling, a plot of time travel and the fate of London is on the cards as well as delving into Hershel's past and the origins of Don Paulo's rivalry revealed! This little bugger also is awarded the coveted title of "Games That Have Made Me Cry" - when that last FMV starts rolling, every shred of emotional defense starts unravelling, leaving you a ruined human being, weeping over The Professor's pain.

  • 4/28/11 - Got this one just in time for the Great PSN Outage. Not that it mattered a great deal. Gave up trophy hunting after the 3rd time going through the food list. Anyone who's played knows what I'm talking about.

  • 5/14/11 - Also during the Great PSN Outage, this one significantly more ass chapping since I was really interested in the multiplayer option. FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU-

  • 8/3/11 - A relaxing non-linear adventure. Or at least one of Japan's few attempts at non-linear. Your choices are fairly inconsequential, The story takes a dramatic turn in the later half towards depressingly serious, and the epilogue doesn't really wrap up all that well. Despite it all, I managed to have fun.

    The game really tries and with so many areas with room for improvement the sequel was shaping up to be "The Little Trotmobile That Could", but that has since become a moot point thanks to Irem putting the kibosh on that one.

    But if there's anything I've learnt from my years of gaming, is no franchise is truly dead and nothing is sacred. Someone's bound to raid this tomb sooner or later :)

  • 8/7/11 - Delightfully tactical indie gem, courtesy of the Bundle. Quashing zombie invasions never felt so satisfying.

  • 8/18/11 - This is my wife's favourite game from her childhood. She owns a huge collection of NES carts and every once in a while she fires one up. I was asked to play The Little Mermaid for her entertainment. What kind of gentleman would I be to refuse?

  • 8/27/11 - From a gameplay perspective, a fucking BLAST of a action/strategy RPG. From a story telling perspective....let's just say many questions go unanswered. Only beat it a week ago, but am totally looking forward to any possible sequel or spiritual sucessor

  • 9/1/2011 - Borrowed from a friend after a 2010 Christmas party; vowed to return it before the next party :)

    One of the single best games I've ever played. No doubt I'll eventually play the rest of the franchise. Stories of VC 2 drains me of faith - but the Potential of VC 3 fills me with hope.

  • 9/4/11 - Two player co-op campaign with the missus. Vastly improved the platforming and disruptive physics, but sadly hidden away under a slew of new features pushed to the fore front. Hvae yet to try out the community levels - now that it's been out this long, I'm looking forward to see what people have done with all the new toys.

  • 9/8/11 - Fantastic sequel that expands on everything that made the first game a hit and sucessfully intergrates more puzzle mechanics. You've made me think, you've made me curse, you've had me absolutely ROFLMAO. Time to go check out co-op.

    "Goodbye my only friend- Oh! Did you think I meant you?"

  • 9/21/11 - Undoubtably Suda 51's best game to date. Rough around the edges, not unlike an uncut diamond. I can only hope Suda applies himself to more collaborative efforts in the future, or even better, has learned a thing or two about making games with substance as well as style.

  • 10/13/11 - Okay, so I cussed out Castlevania: LoS the entire time I was playing it. I repeatedly let Gabriel die just to spite myself. I turned the mother-fucker down to "Easy" just to make it fun. I stand by my original assertion that it's "okay" as a game. But god-damn if the ending didn't make it all seem worth it.

  • 10/21/11 - I'd kept my distance from this one after the mixed reviews came out. Which is good, because If I tried to play it way back when I think I would have found my ability to play this game severely wanting. I've never played such a game that strikes the balance between Nintendo Hard and Fair Play quite like this one did. Here's to Clover Studio's swan-song - the game that was too weird to succeed.

  • 11/8/11 - Catherine has appeared. It's the bomb. Do NOT miss out on playing this head trip. And now onward to endings and trophies!

  • 11/11/11 - A great idea marred by poor controls. Sadly, as is the case with most PC games, my PC is simply not equipped for gaming. When the pistons fire, it fantastic ballet of centrifugal force and blunt force trauma. When it's not, you're better off picking up the mouse by the cord and swinging it into the monitor...

  • 11/14/11 - Hey Shao Kahn, it's offical: You SUKK! Fun times ruined by the age old dilemma present in fighting games post-Street Fighter 2 - How do you make a final boss that's challenging without being cheap? (Spoiler Alert: MK did not)

  • 12/11/11 - Beat just around Christmas time, and funny because of the internal timeline of the game's setting. I'd played a demo for Yakuza 3 and really enjoyed it, which translates as "Shit, let's go back to the start and get caught up". The character's are great, when the fighting's good it's good and the side quests had me laughing my ass off. Good start, here's to more only better.

  • 12/29/11 - Last game for 2011. Had been meaning to play this ever since I snagged a demo for it. I'm an Adventure junkie and this filled a little niche - while not great (indeed, it had it's share of bugs) the moments it shone for glowed brightly. Oh, and the hilarious English As A Second Language voice acting can't be beat.

  • 3/26/12 - Poor, poor Goda Ryuji - we might have been friends, had we not been enemies. More crazy bullshit, more over the top combat and moar Kazuma-chaaaaaaan~~~ I actually got this early January and took a break from it in the middle. It would have been easy to just beat it, but I got waaaay caught up in Side Mission BS AND got especially paranoid thanks to the fact that you can fuck up many of the quests and negate your chance of meeting/beating Amon Joh. Ah well, what's done is done. Maybe I'll buy the next one to complete at my leisure.

  • 4/16/12 - Well that was fun. I'd heard that game was short, somewhere in the ballpark of 8 - 10 hours. So when the 8 hour mark rolled around, I kinda started getting antsy and each additional chapter just made me ask "Are we there yet?". I think I racked up some 20 hours by the time it was in the can. How? Well, I'm an overly cautious gamer with a strong background in the Exploration Arts. No doubt I spent twice as long in any given area scrounging as many resources as I could find without getting my ass chewed on. Maybe it was my insistence on laying down mines as I went and disarming them when I realised I was safe? Yeah, mighta had something to do with it. I've found I don't get scared playing horror titles, so much as annoyed. I liked when the game could make me crap myself with a well-timed attack. But then we got to the point where we were playing Wave O' Zombies and I was cursing my lack of crowd control capability or getting caught in pincer attacks or when a necromorph bursts out on top of you and gets in a cheap hit. I ended up falling into a rut of walking into a room and asking "Okay, what kind of horse shit have you got in your shovel today?". A preemptive "Fuck you" in response to the rote flow of game play I'd discovered. I could only play for so long in a given stretch before fatigue set in. I felt I was being worn down by tension, not born of fear but tediousness. I feel I'd enjoy survival horrors if there was less combat altogether, which is probably why I enjoyed Silent Hill: Frozen Memories as much as I did. Ah well, there's always Dead Space 3 (which they better make, god-damn Unitology scum-bags)