My Wife Is Gaming Quote Worthy

My wife's a gamer. It's one reason we met and got together in the first place. There isn't a big age gap between us but she comes from an older generation of gaming. She has a huge collection of NES tapes, I had a C-64 but didn't get serious until the Playstation era. We play games together, big and small, across multiple platforms and have a hell of a time doing it. But every once in a while, she'll say something that makes me involuntarily give her the "Are You Kidding Me?" face. That what this is all about. So without further ado, welcome to my life as a wedded gamer.

List items

  • "Weedle, you're just a yellow bug"

  • See "Weedle"

  • "What was that game with the hammer? And everything was red?"

    ....Mario vs Donkey Kong?

    "Noooo, the one with the guy"

    *makes hand motion for moar detaliz plz*

    "Ummmm, you had a lot of other drove around?"

    *Are You Kidding Me Face* - Wii or PS3?


    Was I playing like this? *waves arm over head* Or like this? *twiddles thumbs*

    "I gueeeess it was PS3..."

    ... .... .....oh, Red Faction: Guerrilla

    "Yeah! I liked that game! How did that end again?"

    Ummm, I think we used the death ray on the bad...ship?

    "Yeah, that ending was weak"

  • "Meowth, what ARE you?"

  • "I don't care, he's "Sa-ba-bu-mouf" now"

  • I don't like C.C.. It's too blue, you can't see anything.

  • *playing through "Black Caesar", initial investigation*

    It's too dark in here, I can't see them. Can we turn down the blackness?

  • *shows me her current Pokemon team in chibi-form*

    You'll notice Pikachu is the only one who ISN'T yellow

  • Where the fuck is your mouth?

  • "Oh fuck, I wish I hadn't seen that!" - As she looks over to see me beheading Stross and tossing it down the ramp on the next floor down.....I didn't want that asshole coming back to life!

  • It's not a GAME! It's just BROWN!

  • "Helena Pierce's face is gross" Yeah, she has a robot arm too "She has a robot arm?? EW!"