PS3 Games I Used to Own

These are PS3 games that I owned at one point but then sold on ebay/cragslist.

List items

  • Traded in towards Modern Warfare 2 as part of a Gamestop bonus.

  • Traded in towards Modern Warfare 2 as part of a Gamestop bonus.

  • Traded in because I wasn't playing it as much as I though I would... and Gamestop offered a good trade-in bonus.

  • Sold because I got Rock Band 2 and I transferred the original songs over.

  • Sold because fighting games are still not my thing.

  • Sold so I can go get the GOTY edition.

  • Sold because this game is as frustrating as it is fun, and Dirt 2 looks better.

  • Sold because the single player wasn't as good as Resistance 1, and the multiplayer wasn't as good as other shooters. Still a fun game though.

  • Sold because I stopped playing it and Pacific Rift came out.

  • Sold because I didn't pick it up in almost a year.

  • Sold because my brother played this and saved over my file. After that, I lost all motivation to play through the story mode again. It's far from a bad game though. I would give it a solid 4/5.

  • Sold because of big issues with certain game mechanics, as well as clunky interface and menus.

  • Sold because this game gets boring as all hell after the first hour or two. All the missions, save for the assassinations themselves, were identical to one another for each of the 9 missions. There was no point in collecting the flags and killing the Templars since you weren't rewarded for them like you are in GTA for collecting hidden packages.

  • Sold because I completed the enjoyable campaign mode and didn't like the online multiplayer as much as the one in COD4, which I was just getting started with. That left me little reason to play this again.

  • Sold because this was heavily stripped down from the PS2 versions of Madden. The franchise and owner mode, my favorite part of the Madden games, was naked. I bought Madden verions 2002-2006, but 07 was the last one I ever got. The series has really gone downhill since Madden 2004.

  • Sold because I found this game incredibly boring and half the game GTA San Andreas was. Weak storyline, bad car handling, boring city layout, and stripped features from GTA:SA made me sell this after only a handful of missions.

  • Sold because of the lack of any replay value whatsover. The game itself was fun and very well-produced, but I had no reason to play though it a second time. If any game needs PSN trophies, this is it.

  • Sold because the game seemed too short and didn't have enough people online to make it a keeper. It was fun while it lasted, though.