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I Have A Dream: Making an Homage to Doom in Legend of Grimrock

There are few times in one's life when they know that they have a particular calling. This week, I found mine.

I recently updated Legend of Grimrock (which is one of my strong contenders for Game of the Year unless Hotline Miami affects my pleasure areas the way I'm thinking it will), and with that update comes the LoG Dungeon Editor. After sitting down over the weekend and playing around with it a bit, something struck me. Whether it was the actual physical object of my girl slapping me in the side of the head and saying "hey, let's watch this movie" or some type of metaphysical being of awesomeness digging into my ear and finding its way to the idea center of my brain, it hit me.

I must make an homage to Doom in the Dungeon Editor. The full game. All of it.

Now, there are a few issues with this. First of all, there are obviously none of the same monsters, instead replacing them with LoG's stock enemies. That's fine. The other issue is that the amount of space you have available to make these dungeons is a bit confined. You can do a LOT with it and cover some serious space, but some of the bigger wide-open areas just can't be at big and wide open. There also can't be higher tiers of elevation, as there is only ground level combat. This is all fine.

My general goal is to take all of these maps and translate them as best as I can to the Legend of Grimrock Dungeon Editor in order to recreate as much of Doom within LoG as possible. The idea of playing an Eye of the Beholder-style version of Doom tickles my pleasurable bits just right.

This project shouldn't take more than a month or two to complete so long as I have the time available for it. I'm also going to need to find a way to record some video to show people exactly what I'm doing and working on. In the end, though, I have a feeling that I can create something unique and fun to play while also offering homage to one of my favorite games, nay...THE reason I got into PC games in the first place.

Wish me luck!!!