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I'm still alive. Life is great. I love you all.

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While I was at Which Wich (A tribute in bag art)

My girlfriend and I go to Which Wich every week because, frankly, they have bomb-ass sandwiches that I fucking love. For anyone who has never been to Which Wich, however, allow me to explain what you are about to see.

Which Wich is a national sandwich chain in America where you take one of many bags that are on a wall, fill out what you want with red Sharpie marker, and then hand it in. Afterwards, they return said bag with a tasty sandwich inside. After you are finished devouring and conquering, you use that red Sharpie to draw pictures on your bag, then hang them up in the store. A lot of stores will usually skim through the art and pick the best ones to hang up.

My girlfriend and I have our own goddamn wall at the place. That's how much art we have for them. We've done all kinds of bag art, ranging from My Neighbor Totoro to an NES box art version of Which Wich to the Jaws poster with a sandwich replacing the swimming lady and "WICH" replacing the Jaws logo, aliens, My Little Pony, Star Wars, X-Men, and all kinds of stuff.

However, given the recent circumstances with Ryan's passing, I decided that today's art needed to be dedicated to the man himself. What better tribute could I offer to him than to replicate his pirate face on the back of a sandwich bag for public display? AMIRITE?

Therefore, I give to you "#heyeverybodyitstuesday".

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...and here is proof that this sucker is sitting among the other pieces of art on display.

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Thank you all, and have a good night.

P.S. - The Star Wars one below Ryan is my girlfriend's work.