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@amyggen said:

@jakob187: The game came out just as they were recording these so they didn't have time to play enough of the game to give it much of a chance. Jeff did say on this deliberation and on Twitter that it wouldn't have had a chance on the top 3 of the Styyyyyyyyle category regardless. It won't be up for consideration next year because they go strictly by years.

I hadn't watched this yet, so I guess that makes sense.

Sadness. I would be curious to see if they still feel that way now that they've had even more time with the game.

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So I'm assuming that between Best Styyyyyyle and Best Looking game not having Let It Die nominated in either of them, it was not up for contention in the awards this year? Will they be considered next year?

Can any staff confirm this? It just seems absolutely flabbergasting that it wouldn't be included if it WAS in contention.

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Long live the Princess!

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Am I the only person that felt like Arkham Asylum was the only genuinely good game out of them all, and that everything released afterward was a bit too try-hard in the same vein as Matrix Reloaded was to the original Matrix?

From what I've heard people say, City was a good game, but I didn't enjoy a second of it. The world was a bit too open, and most of the stuff that you could do in that open world felt menial and unimportant. There was also something a bit...uneven?...about the overall arch of the story. I don't know. I can't pinpoint exactly what it was that I didn't like. Asylum just felt like this tight, concise experience, and maybe I just don't feel like they can honestly top that.

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I just can't get into it. Then again, I'm not a big fan of most of the post-Downward Spiral stuff that NIN has done. A few songs here and there have been good, but I feel like Trent went a little too avant garde after that, and I just can't follow along.

Mad respect to him for the work that he does, though.

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This trailer did nothing for me at all. I'm more curious about what Neill Blomkamp's Alien movie is going to be at this point.

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MAN the boss on lvl 23 is savage. Any tips on what I should spec for to beat him?

Steel Axe w/ mastery level 20, Cloak mushroom or Slow mushroom, Stingshroom (from killing Scorpions), Infinite Stamina shroom, and a maxed out Grade 3 character. Makes it fairly easy. Having a Lifeshroom (from killing pillbugs) helps if your duration times run out on any of those. Stingshroom is the most important, as it increases your attack by 120%.

I'll be honest: past floor 23, abusing those mushrooms is HUGE.

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Last time I talked to him (which was around August or so), he was just travelling around after the Spicy Horse closure. He seemed pretty down about Akaneiro not really doing big numbers. I had mentioned the Otherlands thing, but there's nothing he could really say about it...and what he did say sounded saddening as well. Honestly, though, you can just look at the Kickstarter update page for Alice: Otherlands and you'll get the idea pretty quickly.

The guy has always been hella ambitious about everything he does. I'm hoping he finds his footing again soon. Every time we have correspondence, it always seems to come around a dark time for him. I remember how bummed he was about all the Oz stuff that he wanted to do but couldn't get it to take off. He's probably the only other person I've ever met (well, we've only ever known each other over the internet through e-mails) that has as deep of a passion for the world of Oz as I do.

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Man, I need to get back on this game. The new season of League, for some reason, has me by the nutsack.