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Bosses That Would Make You Tuck Tail in Real Life

While there are MANY bosses that can fit into this category, this is the most elite of the elite.  Not only would you not fuck with these bosses, but you would tuck tail the minute you saw even a hint of them coming your way.    

List items

  • Professional boxer; ear biter; convicted rapist; head tattoo bearer; cause of more broken controllers in history than any other boss

  • Big unknown alien; causes massive destruction and armageddon; not fond of red spiky hair and/or time travel

  • There's no way out.

    You'll just have to fuck it.

  • Giant brain...with spikes; creates power suits for women; have to be blessed in order to defeat it

  • Malevolently evil computer program; hates humans; believed to be HAL's secret lover

  • Giant white-gloved hand; refuses to use hand sanitizer

  • Manifestation of evil; attached to you; voiced by Mike Patton

  • Lord of Terror; likes fire; hates you

  • Fighter from Thailand; long reach; TIGER...DEEESTRUCTION!!!

  • Most powerful Elder God; has tentacles on face; will crush the fuck out of you...with his pinky

  • Dresses like a clown; dual wields chainsaws; became a homicidal maniac because everyone was already dead anyways

  • Wears large metal pyramid on his head; lugs around huge sword; saw him rip the flesh from a chick once

  • Demon; look like a penis; rides around in a chariot

  • Scary little girl that turns out to be a fully grown woman; pissed off for being held captive and forced to conceive freakish offspring; wants to fuck you