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I'm still alive. Life is great. I love you all.

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jakob187's Review of Rogue Legacy 0

If you are an indie game in this digital download era that we live in, you will typically find yourself shuffled into one of two categories: the "slightly pretentious games are art" category and the "we like old games and want to make something like that with our own small twist" category. Given the kinds of budgets these games are made on, you cannot fault a developer when they try their hardest. However, there are those moments when a true gem gets released that swallows up all of your time wh...

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Dead Rising 2: Case Zero - The jakob187 Review 1

 Well...shiiiiit... Upon announcement, Case Zero had folks everywhere crying out "paid demo" without a second glance, and it's a justified stance to take when you know nothing more than the few screenshots and details that were released.  When you actually delve into Case Zero, you'll find that there's a lot to do for 400 Microsoft Bogus Bucks, making this an absolute no-brainer to purchase even if you won't be playing the full retail copy of Dead Rising 2.  Rather than feeling like a demo, ...

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jakob187's Battleforge Review 2

It is rare that you'll find a real-time strategy game breaking the mold of what most consider to be a member of the genre. Base building has cluttered our screens for so long now that we expect there to be some form of build order for everything. More surprising than that, it is almost impossible to find a game that breaks the mold and builds a hybrid model that fuses tons of different elements together in an attempt for something unique and individual. With Battleforge, EA brings together the w...

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Left 4 Dead Review 1

Left 4 Dead is the kind of game that comes around once every four or five years that makes you seriously look at what "multiplayer" is and how it can be improved upon.  With titles like Gears of War 2 and Call of Duty: World at War offering their Horde and Nazi Zombie modes, it would seem that Turtle Rock and Valve have essentially created something that contains concepts from both of those while offering a longer and more satisfying experience than the two combined.  The game has a few faults, ...

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Dead Space 4

When the boxart for a game features a dismembered hand floating through space and a Mature label in the corner, you should have enough confidence to know that something like Dead Space can't go wrong.  With the huge lineup of big name franchises hitting shelves this holiday season, it's a no-brainer that a game like Dead Space will fly under most folks' radar.  It's an original IP from a company that usually does little to nothing well over the years with original IPs.  It's a survival horror ga...

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Fracture 1

After fumbling around in the alternate United States that is presented in Fracture, an important lesson can be taken from your time with it - any game that has you shooting at the ground more than shooting at enemies should probably go back into the testing phases...and burn inside a disc drive.If you couldn't tell already, I wasn't a big fan of Fracture.  Much like communism, the idea of Fracture sounds great on paper:  grab a pot, throw in 1 part Halo, 1 part Gears of War, add a physics engine...

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Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning 2

When you talk about the MMORPG market, one name sticks out in everyone's mind, and that's World of Warcraft. The worldwide phenomenon that sports over 10 million subscribers has continued a three-year trek that will see its second expansion coming out a few months from the time of this review.  If you sit back and think about it, three years isn't a very long time...unless you are Warhammer Online.Going down the laundry list of problems with the development of Warhammer Online, you'll realize th...

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GRiD 1

For those unfamiliar to the Race Driver series, you've probably missed out on one of the most pure racing series in the industry over the years.  While Codemasters has struggled time and time again to bring the franchise to the mainstream and bust away from their indie roots, there just didn't seem to be a way for the company to push it past a niche audience.  Once they dropped the Colin McRae name from its rally series and slapped Dirt real big on the cover, however, it seemed all the Race Driv...

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