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Music... and Games?

Alright, so some music and games to talk about.


  • 808's and Heartbreaks is pretty good. If you like Kanye you should probably check it out. I still like Graduation better...
  • Chinese Democracy may be a pretty anticipated CD, but it's ass. Seriously, I don't care if you're the biggest GNR fan ever, or if you like Hip Hop. Don't listen to this album. Yes, it's THAT bad.
  • Day & Age by The Killers is also out. It's pretty cool, and worth a check out from Killers fans, but for all else, I'd stay away.

Games And The Such

  • Yeah, I totally wrote that
  • Otherwise, I haven't been playing... anything, really. Just been school school school.

Right, so, cool. I'm out.