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What's YOUR Favorite Team?

Here's a rundown by each sport of my favorite teams. I'll go alphabetically by sport. (These are all the sports I care about at least a little)

Boston Red Sox
However, my favorite team in the NL is the LA Dodgers.

Boston Celtics
Again, favorite team from the opposite league is the Dallas Mavericks.

Football could probably be considered my favorite sport. This is why this category is so important.
Buffalo Bills
Favorite team in the NFC is the Minnesota Vikings.

Buffalo Sabers
Don't really have another favorite team. But it used to be the Avalanche, so I guess I'll go with that.

Soccer (or Football):
Italy is my favorite national team, mainly because I'm, like, 50 - 75% Italian (the rest consists of Swedish and German).

But my favorite club teams for soccer are Manchester United and Roma.
I'm not just an American who saw looked at all the European club teams and decided that the team who won last year was my favorite. I've been a fan of Man U for years now. Just wanted to point that out. As for Roma, well, I'm Italian, so I had to have a favorite Italian team right? Well yes, and since Rome is the capital, the parts of my family who like soccer have been supporting them for a long time.

The only reason I had more of an explanation for Soccer is because most americans don't like soccer and don't watch it. It's my second favorite sport right next to football. Then Hockey, then Baseball, then Basketball.

Giants vs. Jets. I pick Bills.
Yankees vs. Mets. I pick Boston.
Rangers vs. Islanders. I pick Sabers.

But the main point of this blog is to not only tell you what my favorite teams are for the record, but ask YOU what your favorite teams are. So go on, don't be shy. What are they?

In Gaming News:
-I got into the LittleBigPlanet beta, so if you're in and have made levels, add me. I'm in need of some levels :P
-I got Burnout and have been loving it.
-I've been playing a lot of Superstar in Madden and Madden in general.
-Rock Band 2 has come out with RHCP downloadable content and I've been all over that shit as their my favorite band.
-Some fucker stole the domain, whoever you are, you're a fucker and a terrible excuse for a person.
-Had an extra LBP beta code and went on the GameTrailers forums. Some guy gave me the new Wipeout for PSN, Pain for PSN, and Qore Episode 3 for PSN, assuring me a spot in the Resistance 2 beta :)
-Might have more LBP beta codes coming my way. I'll keep you posted :)

Favorite teams! Now!

Catch you later,