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Metal Gear!? 0

From Metal Gear Solid on the Playstation to Sons of Liberty and Snake Eater on the PS2 the MGS franchise has always been one of the most highly regarded in the video game industry. With this franchise came unique gameplay, amazing storytelling and top of the line visuals. But how do you end a series that is beloved by so many? You do it in style and Hideo Kojima with his amazing development team have proved once again how great this series is. You will be absolutely overwhelmed with emotions as ...

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Welcome to Liberty City 0

"With more sights, shows, restaurants, bars, museums, shopping and borderline psychopaths than you can shake a shotgun at, there is no place quite like Liberty City. Where else can you get sworn at by a senior citizen, accosted by a crack head, propositioned by a prostitute, and strip-searched by a police officer, all before breakfast? Discover the history, culture and diversity that make a booming metropolis the capital of the world, at least according to the over-caffeinated locals. We encoura...

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