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So tonight happened...

Man, we went out tonight at last minute. I say last minuet, we went out at half ten to Durham (In the UK). I don't live that far away, but it's been snowing for about 3 days straight. It all went well for a while, the night wasn't great, the music was too metal for the lads and lasses we were out with (we like the punks). Anyway, we spent a good couple of hours there until we decided to go home.  (My friend won a bottle of champagne by staying on the mechanical bull for 25 seconds!)
The taxi ranks was full of pricks throwing snow balls at all the passes by. I'm cool with snowballs, I'm not snowballist. Just keep to yourself, don't throw shit at people if you don't know. Anyway, after about an hour of trying to get home via taxi, we decided to head back into the club. It closes at 2, so we head back there to find out it was closing early. The night didn't go well, and there were very little people to keep it open till the time that it was closing. We ended up heading down to the other taxi rank to see what was happening. We stood in line, and these are various occurrences that we witnessed while we waited; 

  • A drunk lass starting hitting what I presume was her boyfriend for sleeping with a 14 year old. They eventually got arrested or something. I didn't follow. 
  • Some lass and her policemen friend chatted to us while we waited. We had a good time, but she was mortal and they had to leave before us because she started to feel ill. Some lasses behind her nicked her (I don't know what they are called, the metallic blankets that people use to warm up swimmers and cold people, which was fucking awful)
  • Some bloke started to talk to us and cut in, apparently he was 40 and his wife was expecting him home like 2 hours ago. He had vomit down his top and a bruise/cut above his forehead which we presumed his must have got from falling over on some ice. He wandered off after a while after asking us if we wanted a lift in his car, even though he was smashed (and the roads were atrocious.)
  • When we finally did get a taxi, we had waited in the snow for 2 and a half hours for one. The police and ambulance services that were there looking after everyone had pissed off, leaving everyone cold and wet in the snow.
Anyway, in short, we met a lovely old couple who my mate shared a taxi with back home, and by the time the taxi arrived at my house (at 4:30) I had sobered up. So now I'm drinking again :D 
Props to the taxi driver who gave us a lift home, and I hope he gets back safely!