An honest attempt at cataloguing Myst-likes (work in progress)

First-person adventure games with the emphasis on puzzle-solving and exploring mysterious, desolate environments. Minimal dialogue or inventory interactions.

To possibly add to GiantBomb:

  1. Vitae
  2. Evocation Oltre il Sogno
  3. Skyborg Into the Vortex
  4. Majestic, Part 1 Alien Encounter
  5. Necrobius
  6. Piri the Explorer Ship
  7. Slip Space: The Burma-Shave Analogy
  8. The Five Cores
  9. The Book of Watermarks
  10. The Castle (Mac)
  11. Die Phantastische Reise nach Terra-Gon
  12. Noah's Ark
  13. Divided (2004, Jeroen Stout)
  14. Lunar Deep: The Adventure Below
  15. Amarhys: The Lost Civilization

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