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I am a model 1987, male, who loves games, books, music and all kinds of geeky stuff. I own a fairly powerful PC, a not so powerful Laptop (but I am running Linux on that one, so it's all cool), a Xbox 360 Elite, Nintendo Wii and a PS3 Slim.

When it comes to books I mainly read fantasy and sci-fi, but have branched out into all kinds of good stuff after getting a job in a bookstore.

Music.... I think I can just say that I cannot stand pop, hip hop, rap, techno etc. My favorite bands are Tool, The Mars Volta, Dream Theater and Muse. I also love a good soundtrack. The Curse of Monkey Island soundtrack is superb for instance : D

And I am just generally a geek I think.

And I have one of those Backloggery things.

PSN: Maddolav

Xbox Live: Jaqen Hghar

SteamID: durandir

Origin: Jaqen_Hghar