Top Ten 2013

Huh. Seems I haven't played that many new games this year. These are actually the only ones I have played so far. Will see if I end up adding more before the end of the year. Last edit: 3rd of January, 2014

List items

  • While the combat isn't the best out there, this game makes up for it with great locations, graphics and a story that still haunts me. When the end credits rolled I was stunned, and I wish I could go back and experience it all over again for the first time.

  • Don't know how they can top this!

  • This game made me buy a 3DS. It's awesome.

  • Loved the story, and the way it used the controller.

  • Edit 3rd of January, 2014: I finally beat it! The first thing I did in 2014 was get sick, so I had time to really power through it. I had to bump down the difficulty to Easy though, as I was playing on Hard. The one thing I did not like about it was the combat scenarios, and it was too much "survival horror" on hard. I am not a fan of that most of the time. But the story! I must bump this up from my original 8th place.

  • While I find the older DMC games to be boring and stupid, this was actually pretty damned awesome. Only bought it after seeing coverage of it here and several other places, don't regret that purchase at all!

  • Really don't have to say anything about this, do I?

  • Surprisingly fun shooter. Some cool mechanics, fun story and neat graphics.