Top Ten 2017

And here we are again! And yet again, I don't think I have an actual top ten. I think I have played more than ten games this year, but I either haven't played enough of all of them or some of them just aren't good enough for me to actually put on a "top games of the year". Which is odd, right? Still, I will try to put ten games on the list, and rather note the ones I don't really feel that much about.

List items

  • This came as a surprise to me. Some people was praising it, and I realized I wanted a new "Metroidvania". I liked the artstyle, so I though "why not?"

    What I got was the best "metroidvania" I have played, with gorgeous art and music, great sound design and a superbly "Dark Souls" like story. It's nearly perfect.

  • I am a huge Zelda fanboy, and was looking forward to this as it was supposed to shake things up. As a lover of Majora's Mask, that sounded great to me. While it's not nearly as crazy as MM is, it is one of the best 3D Zeldas they have made. I still have loads to explore, and just as Mario, I love that fact. There will always be something new to see, something more to find. And even if I eventually find everything, just being in this Hyrule is fun on its own.

  • It's an awesome Mario game. I still have moons to get, and will most likely never get all of them. But I am fine with that, as I like the feeling of knowing I can always go back to it and have something to do. It's just so damn cheerful and fun!

  • This is a gem of a game. I wanted the game when I first saw it, then I learned it was steeped in Norse Mythology. As a norseman myself (from Norway), I love that. Then I heard it tackled complex and hard themes of psychosis. And it was praised as something that "finally got it" by people with different kinds of psychosis. I had to have it then. I am luckily not suffering from anything, but I do like anything that can help me understand what people are going through more.

    And this is such a sad, and in a way uplifting, game. Not only is the story very good, the graphics are maybe the best I have seen in a while. But what really steals the show is Melina Juergens performance as Senua. For someone who is not an actress, who thought acting seemed terrifying, she did more than great. I'd say it is the best performance I have seen in a game, and a lot better than lots I have seen in movies.

  • Awesome action, suspenseful stealth (though not as good as in the first game), crazy set pieces and actually a lot of honest feelings. Maybe one of the best shooters I have played.

  • I just played this, after buying it because of Jeff Bakalar's "I cried" and "it's a bit like Big Fish". And yeah, it hit me as well. I am a sucker for things that can make me cry, so this had to go on the list.

  • Been wanting more "collectathon" games, and this one is great!

  • Never played Destiny, as I don't really play any console games anymore (save for Switch), so I was looking forward to finally getting to play some. And I like it! Sure, there has been a lot of controversy lately, but the game is still fun.

  • As of writing this I have yet to beat this game, but I really want to and will do so.

  • I didn't play this for that much or for that long, but I had fun while I did. And I am sure I will suddenly want to jump back in. But I think I am just not that interested in PVP-style multiplayer anymore.

  • Honorable mention! I bought this last night (29.12.2017) after so many people either mentioning it on their GotY-lists or mentioning that they wish they had played it because it would probably then make their lists.

    I haven't played any of the previous games (or is it just one?) but it seemed it was OK just jumping into this one.

    And boy, I am already glad I did. I am about 1 hour in, and everything seems cool so far. I am a skeleton who needs to hide his skeleton, so I am currently running around with a bucket on my head. This is great.