Childhood Favourites

The list for those games I spent far too long playing as a young child, and what probably begun my obsession with staying up far too late!

List items

  • Possibly the first game which I really became competitive about. Me and my father would compete against each other to see who could finish the game first. Sadly, I very rarely won.

  • My first introduction to the Mario franchise after being a firm Sega fanboy in my youth. Absolutely loved it, and it spurred me on to play the earlier games in the franchise. Sadly, in recent times, i've not had chance to play many Mario games past 64.

  • My first ever PC game, and I couldn't get enough. I soon grew out of the micro-managing genre however, and now can't stand to even look at this type of game.

  • The first Pokemon games, and also my first Game Boy games. So addictive I can still spend hours playing through them and levelling up my Charizard and Pikachu. Shame the newer ones have let the franchise down slightly.

  • Wow. This brings back memories. Me and my friends would often play this one together so it fast became a childhood favourite. It actually became rather competitive as battles lasted longer and an unwillingness to back down from a challenge was ever apparent.

  • In the same vain as the above game, I could play this game for hours and not get bored despite its simplistic nature.

  • This came slightly later on in life at a local arcade however I am still addicted to Pac-Man games and consider myself rather good at them. No where near world record levels, but perfectly adequate.

  • Again, a game I first discovered at the arcade. Admittedly, i'm awful at it, however it doesn't tire me out repeatedly trying to get the little frogs to cross the road and river.

  • My first adult racing game, and what a game it was. Very un-politcally correct but a whole lot of fun running everything in sight over, and sometimes actually racing.

  • When this game came out, I didn't know much about James Bond but wanting to play good games lead me to this, and I never looked back. An awesome game even today.