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Best of 2010

These are the games I'd defend as the best of 2010. 

Notable games I haven't played enough to nominate: Black Ops, Red Dead Redemption, Mass Effect 2, Reach.

List items

  • It's hella flawed, but Heavy Rain lays the groundwork for an entire genre of super-tactile story-driven games. The "moments" in this game are plentiful and excellent, even if the VO and the models are dicey at times.

  • This game managed to be better than Galaxy 1, by no means a simple task. It has better powerups, better level designs, and is more challenging than before. A definite contender for the top spot.

  • In addition to the "AWWW" factor, Epic Yarn is a fluid game from end to end, a consummate experience for unwinding. (I swear to god neither of those puns were intentional, talking about this game is apparently hard to do without them.)

  • My ultimate sandbox game. Just Cause 2 has the "do anything" mentality locked, even with regard to physics.

  • Telltale Games can actually do funny, and this is the funniest game they've yet made.

  • "Fucking ridiculous." -Ryan Davis

  • Refreshing, high-quality arcade-y platforming.

  • Tone. Pace. Spiders.

  • This game is a garish shrine to how far the real-time strategy genre has fallen in recent years. That said, it managed to have an engaging singleplayer mode, a rare accomplishment for this kind of game.

  • This game shouldn't be this much fun. I don't like time wasters ordinarily, but the strength of Picross 3D's concept is just too much. A million cubist nightmares on one card.