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Best of 2010

Unfortunately 2010 has been a year of missed games and catch up. I played a lot more iPhone games. Currently still in the process of finishing Assassin's Creed 2, and Dragon Age: Origins from 2009, and Prince of Persia all the way back from 2008.

List items

  • My life for Ire. I haven't ever played an RTS as much as this, or enjoyed it so much. Even though I'm only in Bronze league (for now), the competition and matchmaking is very compelling. Custom games rock.

  • JASON! JAAAASON! I've never been so emotionally attached to a game before. Every decision and action had so much consequence. A really promising look at what's to come for video game story-telling.

  • A better setting for the open world game experience. Well written and voiced. While the multiplayer has it's hangups, shooting your buddies from horseback is really quite fun.

  • Awesome awesome multiplayer. Not enough carrot, but plenty of stick to smash your enemies with. The team based mechanics are what draw you in, spotting targets and repairing tanks.

  • This app does wonderful things for a gaming platform in it's infancy. Taking mechanics of an old PC RPG and making them work with exciting gameplay using just touch controls.

  • Another excellent CoD game. Problem is it's just more of the same. Can't get enough of One in the Chamber though.

  • An app I played quite a bit of. Simple and fun gameplay.

  • Another great iPhone app. Interesting puzzles that are just challenging enough.

  • On this list because of the hype and potential. I find it too 'beta' at the moment, but in another year this will be a big hit.