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Giant Bomb vs. Gamespot

Among the wide array of  topics flooding Giantbomb's forums over the last week, one of the first topics, rightfully so, was about Gamespot. One topic in general which encompassed many smaller topics was whether or not their website might impact Giantbomb. Furthermore, speculation and increasing hostility has amped up speculation of whether either website is taking traffic from one another. Well this needs to stop, NAO. For anyone reading this, I know you've either been a member of Gamespot or you've probably lurked around their forums from time to time. You're probably aware of some hate that Gamespot moderators get for being controlling of their forums and banning members - revoking points. But one thing I do know, however, is that you either heard about Giantbomb from a reputable forum/source, or you heard it from Gamespot. So we can rule out that at least 80% of the people reading this have been to Gamespot. This can lead down one of two roads: the road less traveled by would probably be the one where you saw a link to Giantbomb on the Gamespot forums and lurked over here to see what all of the fuss was about. But the road most traveled by probably was the one that either got you banned, or generally left a horrible taste in your mouth so you didn't really want to go back to that place.

David vs. Goliath
David vs. Goliath
Dear lord...
Dear lord...

Now this can be said for any forum, or website on the internet - because after all, there are billions of web pages out there on random servers throughout the world - yet we all know that most of us are direct descendants of Gamespot. "So what?" you're probably asking yourself right now. Well, either you probably go back there from time to time, you're a regular poster still, or you said f***k you, I'm done with this shit. That's fine. You're an adult, and we're not going to hold your hand and tell you what to do. But it's pointless to even utter each websites name together in the same sentence.

We all know about the fiasco with Jeff Gerstmann, and we all know the conspiracy theories behind why he was laid off. Jeff's gone on the record to say that all of that's over, and he's moved on - which is why he's created Giantbomb. A rivalry is normal, but it's uncalled for because each side is just fueling their own boredom and fanboyism towards their preferences. If I was to go over to Gamespots forum and read any thread on Giantbomb, it would probably be the exact same thing as it would if I read a forum post about Gamespot over here. So why do it? Maybe it's intriguing to see what the other side has to say. But at the end of the day you're not making yourself a better person. You're just feeding the humongous CRAP monster that is: hate/trolling/boredom/cynicism and bitterness all rolled into one. No one is going to benefit from some pathetic (this forum is better than this forum) war. It's actually, quite literally... pointless. Albeit, some of us do enjoy the occasional drama - neither side has anything to gain from such a pointless, bitter dispute.

We say, "Gamespot is full of uptight old bastards.", and they say "those forums are a mess, and the layout is too dark." I say "Get the heck over it." Supposedly we're all supposed to be showing the population that gaming isn't for little kids who have nothing better to do than hang out side liquor stores and bug old ladies. But if half of the population actually knew what we wasted our time about arguing over message boards - they wouldn't take a damn one of us seriously. If you want respect, spread it around like a virus. The stuff's contagious.