E3 2013: Most anticipated

Why not make a list because I am bored. The games on this list had to be more than an announcement trailer so no Halo 5, Mirror's Edge, etc.

List items

  • Loved the trailer, loved the gameplay style they've gone with, I can't wait

  • If the game is what they promised it may be the best game of the year and 2013 has already turned out 2 of the best games I have played in quite sometime.

  • Looks simply stunning.

    Jonathan Blow is a master designer.

  • More inFamous on next gen, yes please.

  • I never could get into the first 2 Witchers even though I really tried. Hopefully with the game going open world I can get into the series finally.

  • If the game pans out to what is promised I will love it. If it's nothing more than a modern day Assassin's Creed I will still like it.

  • I still like the Assassin's Creed series and didn't have that many issues with 3. So when they took the best part (sailing) and decided to focus on pirates and the caribbean I was sold.

  • I'm not a multiplayer guy so this online only game may not be for me but damn does it look just fun to play.

  • I love Fantasia and this looks better than just a novelty.