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something here for a chance to win all of this lovely stuff!

(I totally didn't just copy and paste that, I actually typed it out)

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I hope they've been working to get skeletons of some of the legacy monsters into the new game. I always had a fondness of the Carpaceons in particular, so if Daimyo Hermitaur and Shogun Ceanataur were to show up, I would be thrilled.

I don't think there'll be monsters appearing at low-rank, and if there are, they're gonna be entry level monsters, on the Jagras/Ya-Ku tier. But, since it IS mostly DLC, I'd hedge my bets on it being that you have to get to high-rank as a minimum before you're able to access the new continent.

Definitely looking forward to this, Monster Hunter was one of the games I got into the most this year, and any excuse to continue playing it will always do well with me.

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@mento said:

Another thing I should've taken into account is that games released at the start of year typically don't shine as brightly because folk have had time to reflect on their foibles, or the experience of playing them has since slipped their minds. I remember Horizon taking a bath last year, in part because it was a February release and everyone had moved on and forgotten about it. With that in mind Celeste, Iconoclasts, Subnautica, Monster Hunter World, or Dragon Ball FighterZ might do worse than anticipated.

I think Dragonball FighterZ may stand more of a chance here, perhaps off the back of how insanely hype the pro scene has been for it all year, but especially at EVO. Monster Hunter might be back fresh in some people's minds because of the Steam release towards the end of the summer, and the constant drip-feed of content and events it's been seeing, but the crew haven't been playing it since launch, so that may fizzle off into the bottom half of the Top 10 list. I have both of those listed as my tiebreakers, because I don't see them breaking Top 5, but I can see them making the lower half of the list.

Hitman 2 is a big question mark for me. Big expectations coming off the 2016 win, but is there enough there to see it regain its crown at the top? I don't think there is, as it's been an especially strong year for games, but I can see it sneaking into the top 3 as a fan favourite.

And I'm just realising that I failed to mention both Black Ops 4 and this year's Assassin's Creed games. I think both will make the list, but I think they will both be bottom-half games at most.

Very hard for me to call, considering that Monster Hunter is the only 2018 game I've actually played firsthand (moving continents costs a ton of money, who knew?), but I think the games I've picked stand a good chance of making the list.

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1: God of War

2: Tetris Effect

3: Hitman 2

4: Red Dead Redemption 2

5: Marvel's Spider-Man

6: Monster Hunter World

7: DragonBall FighterZ

8: Into The Breach

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I'm with the few people here that mentioned it already, but the lack of potential for Ape Escape - a first-party title at that, is a bit of a letdown. Still gonna put it on my Christmas watchlist, though.

Have to imagine that perhaps one of the WipEout series, or Gran Turismo 1 or 2 will also be making an appearance on here.

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@cikame said:

Lots of people want 2B, which would be great, but i feel like a full size 2B of similar scale to the other characters would look weirdly big.

I'm not really a fan of guest characters so non, Gene from God Hand doesn't use a weapon so he wouldn't fit here.

Heihachi iirc didn't use a weapon when he guested, so it's not altogether impossible.

Congratulations everyone who called their shot with Geralt, though. Should be a great fit for the game.

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@gtb08: I can't speak for Injustice 2, as I only game on PC, but Injustice 1 was one of the best single player fighting game experiences I've had the pleasure of playing. I've been quite happy with the singleplayer in Tekken 7 though, despite the fact I absolutely hate fighting as Heihachi, and you're forced to play as him for most of the story, as it centres on him. I'm slowly working all my characters up as far as 1st Dan on Treasure Battle, before settling on any mains, and that's keeping me pretty occupied, even if I'll never actually use 97% of the cosmetics on offer.

Tekken is making big strides at the moment, possibly because unlike Injustice 2, it has a PC port (roughly 150k owners already according to SteamSpy), and it's one of the big household names people knew of growing up. Like @bigsocrates said, Tekken 2 and 3 both being killer apps at a time where everyone and their mother had a PS1 helped massively in that regard, and to a much lesser extent, Tekken 5 on the PSP also.

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Man, the hits keep coming this year, and it's still only February. Best of luck with the future endeavours, @drewbert. Hope to see you in the skies some day. Or in an F1 paddock.

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I had to disable my CPU from folding the other day. It's been causing my computer to emergency power down a lot because of temperatures getting too high (it's just got the stock cooler on), but it was easy enough to disable completely with the advanced control window. Still powering away with the GPU though.

And we've just passed the Penny Arcade team on the list. Take that!