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Insane PSP Deals

So I was inspired today by AndrewGaspar's topic about game recommendations for his planned PSP Go purchase to go find out what prices are like for PSP games and I found some crazy stuff. Some PSP games go for over 70 bucks new. What the fuck is with that? Anyway, I found a bunch of great deals and bargains that you should definitely pay attention to if you're interested. Boom: 
Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow 10 DOLLARS. Free shipping. One of the best games on system, arguably one of the two best shooters on the system, that's insane. Gotta love Newegg. 
Monster Hunter Freedom Unite for 28 bones, free shipping once again. This is pretty new and fairly high-profile release, and it arguably has enough content to easily justify paying 40 for interested parties. A 12 dollar discount is nothing to laugh at. Edit: nevermind. Apparently it always retailed at $30? Fucking weird.
God of War: Chains of Olympus for $6.50. Of course, it has 8 dollar shipping. That still comes out to $14.50 if you don't get charged sales tax online (I don't) which is an awesome deal, especially for something like God of War. 
Resistance Retribution for $29.75 with $3.95 shipping.  Another one of the best shooters on the system (Sony Bend knows how to make em), although this isn't really a drastic discount at all. Still a pretty good deal, but not the best on the list. 
Rock Band: Unplugged for 20 DOLLARS. This is probably the most insane one you'll find. The game is barely over 2 months old and it's half-off. Which isn't a great thing for EA I guess but who cares, it's awesome for the consumers. Jump on this. 
Killzone: Liberation for 10 bucks. This is a pretty old game by now, and it's downloadable on the PSN Store (which I would do just for convenience's sake), but it's still worth it for anyone who doesn't have it already. 
WipEout Pulse for 14 dollars, plus 4 dollars shipping. The game is normally 30, and it's one of the best racers out there, definitely something to consider for any racing fans. 
PaRappa The Rapper for 10 bucks, plus 4 for shipping. This game is old but great, and everyone should give it a chance, especially at this price. Look up some YouTube videos of it, it's impossible to describe. 
I left a few more low-profile/iffy ones off the list, you can find them yourself if you look through Newegg and Amazon (and CheapAssGamer). Hope everyone's having a good weekend.



Short blog. Just letting anyone interested know that I'll be gone for a week (might still post a bit though) as I'll be on vacation visiting family in Kansas City, Missouri. Plane leaves at 11 or so. I've got enough media to last me for roughly 30 hours straight in one charge if necessary, and enough RPGs on my PSP to take up well over a month's worth of free time. I'll try to come back alive. I'm bringing some hayseed as a peace offering. 


1943 was a tough year.

This is a blog where I bitch incessantly. I don't actually expect any of you to read it past this paragraph, I just feel like griping. I actually love playing 1943 and will continue to play it, but it has a lot of issues that I feel like writing down in list form. Enjoy (don't).

  • No spawn protection. I don't actually remember if 1942 had spawn protection (doubtful) but it's still a bit ridiculous to spawn on the frontlines and get shot in the face with a rifle grenade 8 feet away less than a second after spawning. 3 seconds of spawn protection (removed after firing before the 3 seconds are over) would fix this perfectly.
  • Hit detection issues. I don't know why, but occaisionally I'll fire entire clips into people at nearly point blank range (usually, as my luck dictates, inside of a bunker) and all of the shots will miss. There will be shots that I'll take (with any weapon in any class) that I'm absolutely sure will hit (neither of us moving at all, mid-range, perfect body shot) and nothing will hit. It makes it especially frustrating to snipe and really annoying at close range with a rifle and sometimes with the SMG. I know I'm not *that* bad of a shot. I do love that there is no limit to bullet distance though- I can take the non-scoped rifle and fire at a tiny pixel that I'm sure is an enemy in an AA turret about 2000 feet away and if I fire enough bullets eventually I'll occasionally get a kill. I love that.
  • Terrible UI. The game has a meter for tickets (well, they don't call them tickets anymore, they just have bars that deplete as you play), and 5 markers for the different control points. The indicator for the points only tells you who controls them at any given time. If you're in range of any of them, your mini-map will display if they are the focus of attention. In no way can you tell if any point is being taken until it's too late to go and try to defend, by which point you'll usually have 3 douchebags with pistols hiding in a building somewhere waiting for you. (Hint: for some fun, blow out all suspected walls with rifle grenades :3) It would be nice to be able to view a more tactical version of the battlefield map or have at least a minor visual representation of the safety status of your bases. If there is one, I'm totally ignorant of it and will feel very stupid once I discover it.
  • Clunkiness. I don't expect every game to be Call of Duty 4-Smooth (tm) but I would at least like them to handle fairly well. I like the slight head bob and weapon movement when running in 1943, but the game overall feels very clunky to control. That, combined with low weapon accuracy and bad hitboxes, can make for a lot of frustration during your playtime. Changing your movement direction, jumping, transitioning from sprinting, none of these actions feel very fluid. I feel like an asshole for comparing it to CoD4 again, but in that game I really feel in sync with my avatar, whereas here I feel like I'm managing a retarded puppet sometimes.
  • Edit: I forgot to bitch about the sound design, which is absolutely terrible. Your own gun sounds OK and vehicles or other things firing really close by are fine, but most of the time you hear no gunfire whatsoever from the distance. Enemy's guns don't really have any audio impact at all though, so that combined with the fact that you can never really hear people moving makes for some ridiculously annoying situations, especially with the amgibuous damage-location idicator (if you take damage from the right and turn 180, you'll still look as though you took damage from the right, even if it's the opposite direction now). People have been praising the game's sound but I have no idea why. They're crazy. It adds no intensity at all and doesn't do its job as a sense.
  • Edit 2: Fucking team balancing! Can't believe I forgot about this. This game deems it OK to play an entire match with 5 people against 12 and count it as ranked. Regardless of skill differences, it's ridiculous. It needs to be changed. Along with everything else on the list o.O

If you read that entire list you're either crazy or you have a lot of time on your hands (Claude?). I now feel better after getting all of my thoughts out. Adios.

I stand corrected. (FF7)

I have a semi-enforced policy that I will eventually buy or at least play a lot of most* of the games that I deride or publicly show contempt for. Final Fantasy 7 is not an exception to this rule, so I put down the $10 and downloaded it when it came on to the store last night. I've put roughly ~2 hours into it now, and I have to say, I'm enjoying it.

I'm not the biggest fan of jRPGs, but I have recently discovered a soft spot for classic-era RPGs (Suikoden, the SaGa franchises, Wild Arms, etc.) and classically-inspired RPGs (most recently, Crimson Gem Saga.) Final Fantasy 7 is the first Final Fantasy I could bother getting even marginally into, so all of the combat and spells and equipment and stuff are new to me, and they're pretty fun so far. Combat is a bit strange with the whole Active Time Battle system, alternately being either too fast-paced or way too slow. Limit Breaks are OK, but a little underwhelming (considering the hardware, I guess that can't be helped, heh) and magic/items are all really standard fare for the genre.

The camera and envrionments are interesting. The camera is mostly fixed, which is strange, given that it's apparently possible to actually lose site of your character completely, which constantly has me obsessively searching for treasure boxes. They also like to give you timed segments with no prior notice, but these are either too easy or constant near-misses. It's a mixed bag. The environments appear to be hand-painted or drawn, or at least very nicely pixelled. I can't tell whether or not they themselves are 3d, but they don't appear to be. The characters are, though, and their proportions are ridiculously funny. At least in combat they look OK.

The story and the characters are pretty nice so far. I'm so jaded from all of the "ZOMG CLOUD STRIFE" "TIFA IS THE HOTTEST LOLOLOL" "AERITH DIES SHIT SHIT REVIVE HER WITH HAX" over the years that I'm not really paying attention to it seriously at all. The dialogue is strange (and more than a little racist in many places) but funny, even if it's unintentional. Attempts are definitely made at all kinds of character development, minor and major, so that's nice to see. Little touches and quirks found in dialogue with all of the NPCs scattered throughout the world make exploring and talking to everybody really enjoyable.

I don't know where I was really going with this blog- I just felt like I had to write something about it, for whatever reason. I guess it's a good game. I'll definitely continue playing it for a while, although I have Red Faction: Guerilla and Crimson Gem Saga taking up my time too. For $10 it's definitely worth it just to check it out for yourself if you haven't already. For me, it's still an annoyingly over-hyped history lesson that nobody will shut up about, but stripping all that away, FF7 is a pretty good game and I'm happy I finally got to try it out for myself.

*I refuse to play any game in the Gears of War franchise from Gears of War 2 onwards and will always profess my undying hatred for said games until the end of time, or until an Unreal Tournament game is made that is actually good and does not ship with "from the creators of Gears of War" on the back of the box.

Once again, I make technology my bitch.

Things are coming along nicely with the computer restoration. I'm finishing final cleanup procedures now. Should be back online fully by like Monday or Tuesday depending on when I have time.

On that note, I'm pissed that I've been missing the Endurance Runs. And boy have I been missing them. I was crazy-stressed this past week. Being told by your boss that your job is pretty much going to be doubled up with another job just to keep you even busier because they're too lazy to create a working system for managing things and having to take the SATs is not relaxing. Now that's over though, and I can play Jeanne d'Arc until my eyes melt.

Jeanne d'Arc is now one of my favorite games, ever. You should all buy it. In any possible form you can find it in. I don't even care if you pirate it. Pirate it and send like 30 bucks to Level-5's offices. Shit man. And woman. I know you're out there.



Jayge on Hiatus

Over the weekend, I let my little brother use my computer. It's his birthday soon and I felt nice (his is broken. I should have asked why.) He downloaded one of those retarded little free MMOs that he likes to play. Seven hours later, I have 3 rootkits and an unimaginable amount of general trojans and other malware. I'm posting this from school. Jayge will be nuking his computer over the next week or two, and probably won't be on much at all. So... see ya in a while.



Things that make Suikoden games Suikoden games.

  1. True Runes
  2. Individual, unique Named weapons
  3. One-on-one character duels
  4. Massive card/strategy battles
  5. An incredibly awesome, upgradeable fortress that continues to get more bad-ass as the game goes on.

Things Suikoden: Tiekreis doesn't have.

  1. True Runes
  2. Individual, unique Named weapons
  3. One-on-one character duels
  4. Massive card/strategy battles
  5. An incredibly awesome, upgradeable fortress that continues to get more bad-ass as the game goes on.
This is sad :-(


2009 PSP Games To Watch Out For

This is a list. Simply a list of games to look at if you're interested in expanding your PSP collection in 2009 with potentially good/great games. I hope somebody finds it useful.

  1. Steambot Chronicles: Battle Tournament
  2. Phantasy Star Portable
  3. Loco Roco 2
  4. Resistance Retribution
  5. Tenchu: Shadow Assassins
  6. Class of Heroes
  7. Guilty Gear XX Accent Core +
  8. Hammerin' Hero
  9. Dynasty Warriors Strike Force
  10. Patapon 2
  11. Final Fantasy Dissidia
  12. Jak and Daxter (maybe 2010?)
  13. IL-2: Sturmivok: Birds of Prey
  14. Motorstorm Arctic Edge
  15. Dirt 2
  16. Brave: A Warrior's Tale
  17. Need For Speed: Shift (this *might* have potential)
  18. Shin Megami Tensei: Persona
  19. 100 Bullets
  20. Assassin's Creed PSP
  21. Cave Story
  22. Gran Turismo Mobile (vaporware lol)
  23. LittleBigPlanet Portable
  24. Monster Hunter Freedom Unite
  25. Mytran Wars
  26. PixelJunk Monsters
  27. Rock Band Unplugged
  28. Ushiro*
  29. Cardboard Senki*
  30. Ys I & II
  31. Ys 7
  32. Crimson Gem Saga
  33. SOCOM: Fire Team Bravo 3
  34. Armored Core 3
  35. Growslanser*
  36. Fate Unlimited Codes
  37. Tekken 6
  38. Soul Calibur: Broken Destiny
  39. New Metal Gear Solid (possibly 2010, leaked with PSP Go! news)
  40. Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars
  41. Fat Princess: Fistfull of Cake
  42. Jak and Daxter: Whatever the fuck the subtitle is for this.
  43. Saints Row PSP
  44. Valkyria Chronicles 2
These are all titles slated to arrive some time in 2009. Obviously, some of them won't, some of them will be bad, or some of them might just not be interesting to you - but as far as lists go, these are all of the interesting-looking or promising and/or high-profile releases that I can find for now.

*These 3 games are only announced for a Japanese release at the moment, although both look very good and hopefully they will be brought to international shores.

Edit: This list just keeps growing and growing. I've removed some games that have come out and turned out to be shit, but I'm leaving others up that are out now just for publicity's sake in case anyone is looking for new-ish games that came out this year. Enjoy.

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