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One Last World War, For Old Times Sake. 0

Let's get one thing straight, if you are reading this you probably have played, if not owned, a Modern Warfare game, and with that in mind I'm not going to to do much of an introduction. Modern Warfare 3 is the third and seemingly final entry into Infinity Ward's modern military shooter franchise, with the single player story picking up directly where MW2 left off. In tow is the usual assortment of multiplayer and Cooperative Spec-Ops, each dressed up with the expected incremental upgrades to gi...

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Old War, New Look 0

Since the autumn of 2002 Battlefield has become a monument of PC gaming. Every iteration in the series still maintains a strong player base, thanks to the epic 64-player multiplayer battles and the iconic, legendary battles of World War II.  Now, seven years later, Battlefield makes its return to World War II and this time it brings the fight to Xbox 360 and PS3. Now the game is priced at $15 (1200 MS Points) and does not feature the many battles that were included in 1942. This is a game that,...

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A Good Addition to the Call of Duty Family 0

World at War is still the same old Call of Duty but it adds in some new features and fun suprises. As everyone knows World at War returns to World War II where this time we play as the Americans in the Pacific and the Russians in the Western Front. The Campaign is intense, lasts about 5-6 hours, and features many set-pieces that the Call of Duty series is known for.  The multiplayer has the same level-based structure that Call of Duty 4 used, it also has a higher level cap of 65 oppose to CoD 4...

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Simplicity the Game! 0

Halo Wars is a great idea, get the rich universe of the Halo francise and give it a classic RTS remix. For the most part it works out great, the battles are quick, intense, and the controls hold up the entire way through. Unfortunately the more time you spend with Halo Wars the more you realize how little there is to enjoy.  The campaign lasts 15 missions, covering a wide variety of RTS play styles and unique objectives to accomplish.  Despite that the campaign isn't all that interesting and, b...

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A great first try for Kaos 0

Frontlines Fuel of War is a sci-fi first-person-shooter that puts the player in large scale futuristic battlefields. Frontlines is one of those games that you love because it offers an experience you can't get anywhere else on a console. When I first sat down with Frontlines I honestly wasn't sure what to expect, I had played very little of the Battlefield series so I wasn't sure if I would even like the game style. However when I began playing the single player portion of Frontlines it quickly ...

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The Penicle of Real Time Strategy 0

   Since StarCraft was unleashed upon the world the RTS genre has been getting larger and larger, and the properly named BigHuge Games has delivered the biggest. Rise of Nations (RoN) delivers a deep RTS that can be played in so many ways.    The reason RoN manages to pull this feat off is because it simply combines the best part of other RTS games. RoN borrows tech tree of Age of Empires, the gameplay of Empire Earth, and just to make everything seem right a little StarCraft.    RoN lets you ch...

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