My thoughts on The Last of Us trailer

Naughty Dog is known for their over-the-top action in the Uncharted series. Exploding cars, boats, planes, and buildings are the norm. Thousands of foes try to kill you throughout the game, but you are able to miraculously dispatch them one by one. With The Last of Us, from what the tone the trailers have had, it seems Naughty Dog might be taking a half-step back when it comes to their usual bombast. The newest trailer starts off slow, showing the two characters driving down an abandoned highway only to encounter a snarled jam of defunct cars. They take an alternate route. They drive along. The trailer takes some time to show off the gorgeous visuals. They encounter someone crying for help, the girl almost looks like she is about to jump out of the car and run to help him, but then the guy tells her to hold on. Then, full chaos erupts and it feels like a typical Uncharted game. Multiple bandits, a tuck rolling down the street, crashes and gun shots, these are all present in this trailer. The slower tone is cast off in favor of an action-packed scene that would be typical in the latest blockbuster action movie. Is this what gamers want? Sure, some do. I love a good action game, but the combat was not what Uncharted was about. It was about the characters, the story, and the environment. I'm concerned that The Last of Us will be paced far too fast, and with too much of an emphasis on shooting and explosions. The world they are creating seems interesting, with a lot of potential for non-combat situations. Will Naughty Dog vary it up, or will it be another Uncharted-eque shoot-em-up?


Video Travel Series: Belize

Last year I bought a Nikon D3100, looking to get into photography. Over the past few months, I have gradually shifted to a more video-focused interest.

Last month, I went on trip with my school to Belize. I decided I would make a video travel series about the trip.

Shot on a D3100, edited on an iPad 2.

Here is the playlist link:

Or watch the first video to get a taste:

Let me know what you guys think, very open to feedbac.



We climbed a mountain then snowboarded/skied down it. [Photos]

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A group of six of us were wondering what to do on our Saturday. So, we decided to drive to the base of a mountain, then hike up it to where there was snow. It was pretty awesome. Those are the photos, I also took some video which I have yet to edit as editing takes a lot of work =/

Enjoy :)

Oh, I uploaded one video by itself, because I knew it was too long for me to work into the montage video. Here it is :)


College Video Bog #1

Hey duders, a lot of people on this site are in highschool right now, and I was in the same position last year. Now, some of you may be applying to schools now, or at least thinking about it. Well, I am 14 days into my first year of college (well, University as they call it up here in Canada) and I thought people might be interested in... well... me, or at least what college might be like.

Comment if you want more stuff like this, hopefully with more action...?



I am going to college in Canada for the next four years... [Pics]

Hey Bombers,

I am moving from New York City to the lovely-most-of-the-time city of Vancouver.

Now, I have a lot of stuff I want to take with me to college, but I am flying there so space is at a premium. I am putting my Playstation 3 in a backpack, and will hopefully be able to take it on the plane and get to my final destination without breaking it. I also have a lot of games, though. A majority of them are Xbox games, and most of them are pretty old, but some might be worth taking, right?

Some PS3 games, as well as my Blu-rays. Yes, I actually enjoyed Tron: Legacy, and no, I did not pay money for Cars.
Some PS3 games, as well as my Blu-rays. Yes, I actually enjoyed Tron: Legacy, and no, I did not pay money for Cars.
Man, check out that focus, huh?
Man, check out that focus, huh?

Also, my Mass Effect saves are on my Xbox 360 that I am leaving here. Should I do something with those for Mass Effect 3?

What do you guys think is worth taking with me? I will be taking most of the PS3 games, and probably leaving most of the Xbox games...


More shit:

So, I went to Kenya for two weeks [Pictures]

My drunk female friend pissed on Paul Bettany and Jennifer Connelly's roof.

Mass Effect 2 is kind of a bad game.



So, I went to Kenya for two weeks. [Pictures]

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I went to Kenya for two weeks along with some Canadian and Washington buddies. We flew in to the main city of Nairobi, then took a smaller plane to Kisumu, a smaller city located along the coast of Lake Victoria. We drove 45 minutes from the city until we arrived in the rural village of Kit-Mikayi. There, we worked with a group of around 60 school children from the surrounding community. We stayed with a host family during the 10 days we were there. A friend and I were placed in a small compound composed of five mud huts, with no electricity or running water. I like to camp, so it wasn't much of a shock to me. We ate with them, conversed with them, and shared our cultures. It was all very cool.

After our 10 days at Kit Mikayi, we went back to Nairobi for four more days. We took day trips to different areas. We went to a baby-elephant orphanage, a shelter for giraffes, two national parks, and some different markets.

Anyways, this was the 2nd time I had used my Nikon D3100, so I was on auto for the most part. There are two albums, the full album, with a lot of crap (just kidding, kinda) or the abridged album that is much, much shorter.

Kenya 2011 - Flickr

Kenya 2011 - Best of - Flickr



My drunk female friend pissed on Paul Bettany's roof.

So last night, my drunk female friend walked from my roof to the adjacent roof to take a piss.

So she takes a piss on this roof, then starts walking back to my roof. Then, Paul Bettany comes out speaking angrily with an English accent, saying how she is waking up his kids. He is wearing only socks, and continues to walk through her pee. She says she is really sorry, and runs over back to my roof party.

Thankfully, he didn't call the police or anything, but it was quite an event nonetheless.

Anyways, that's the story. Questions?


Four Battlefield 3 Videos:

Hey guys, I just wanted to put up these four videos. The three of them are the standard trailers released by DICE, but there is a very nice analysis of the MP trailer by PixelEnemy.


Frostbite 2 trailer:

This was more of a B-roll kind of trailer. The other trailers are more meaty.

Operation Metro trailer:

Yo, did you see that dude stabbing that other dude? That's crazy! It's a fast-moving trailer, so watch the breakdown now:

BREAKDOWN! (It's really long, though. They talk about guns so I have no idea if what they say is accurate)

So, a lot of information in there...

E3 "Thunder Run" Tank Level Trailer


BF @ E3: Release date, Beta info, multiplayer trailer and more!

Whoa guys I gotta graduate in an hour! SHIT!

RELEASE DATE: OCT 25th! Before MW3, good!


SINGLEPLAYER looks pretty sweet! Weird animations in the tank, though! What's with that?


The trailers or on youtube, or are all gathered on

So yeah! How was that? I thought it was alright, they should have shown more multiplayer, rite?