My thoughts on The Last of Us trailer

Naughty Dog is known for their over-the-top action in the Uncharted series. Exploding cars, boats, planes, and buildings are the norm. Thousands of foes try to kill you throughout the game, but you are able to miraculously dispatch them one by one. With The Last of Us, from what the tone the trailers have had, it seems Naughty Dog might be taking a half-step back when it comes to their usual bombast. The newest trailer starts off slow, showing the two characters driving down an abandoned highway only to encounter a snarled jam of defunct cars. They take an alternate route. They drive along. The trailer takes some time to show off the gorgeous visuals. They encounter someone crying for help, the girl almost looks like she is about to jump out of the car and run to help him, but then the guy tells her to hold on. Then, full chaos erupts and it feels like a typical Uncharted game. Multiple bandits, a tuck rolling down the street, crashes and gun shots, these are all present in this trailer. The slower tone is cast off in favor of an action-packed scene that would be typical in the latest blockbuster action movie. Is this what gamers want? Sure, some do. I love a good action game, but the combat was not what Uncharted was about. It was about the characters, the story, and the environment. I'm concerned that The Last of Us will be paced far too fast, and with too much of an emphasis on shooting and explosions. The world they are creating seems interesting, with a lot of potential for non-combat situations. Will Naughty Dog vary it up, or will it be another Uncharted-eque shoot-em-up?