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PixelJunk Shooter 2: Mostly Good 1

PixelJunk Shooter was one of my favorite downloadable titles from 2009, I finished it in a matter of days and couldn't wait for some kind of content pack of some sort. So, a bit more than a year later, when PixelJunk Shooter comes around, I was super excited to mess around the fluid dynamics that made the series so great.PixelJunk Shooter 2 actually has a subtitle, "The Belly of the Beast". The first world is very much about being inside a living creature. There is purple acid (main ingredients:...

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Yet again, the best racing experience on the iPhone. 0

 Real Racing 2, the sequel to Real Racing, is an evolutionary step for the franchise and remains to be the best racing experience on the iPhone. The all-new career mode has you earning cash and reputation by completing races. Using the money that you have earned, you can purchase cars from the library of 30 licensed vehicles, including cars from BMW, Ford, Jaguar, Nissan, Volkswagen, and more. There are some limited options to upgrade your car, such as improving the handling, acceleration, and t...

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Enslaved, one of the most memorable games of 2010 0

 Nowhere in the gameplay does Enslaved: Odyssey to the West ever try to set itself apart from similar games. You will fight, block, evade, and counter-attack. You will jump from ledge to ledge, handhold to handhold. What is different is the reasons why you are doing these actions: you will not fight or jump because the core mechanics are such a joy to use, but rather because of the incredibly realized characters and environments.    Enslaved starts things off right with an explosive opening s...

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Pretty simple mission, with a bit of nostalgic emotion. 2

The Normandy Crash site is identified, you scan the planet and beam down. You view a cutscene showing the Normandy debris among chunks of ice and snow.  The majority of the mission is collecting the 20 dog tags, these are scattered around the small-ish landscape, and are fairly easy to find if you keep an eye out for the hud outline or glow.  There are some emotional parts, you see main parts of Normandy completely destroyed, they show a flashback image of what it used to look like, or the chara...

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The verdict: GTA: CTW is great on the iPhone. 0

 I was a bit anxious about spending $10 for a new game for my iPhone 3G, but after being assured that it had the same content as the PS3 version, I decided to take the plunge.  I was greeted almost instantly with a cut scene explaining your character, and putting him in a pretty interesting situation. The writing is very sharp, with jokes sprinkled in throughout. I had a bit of a QTE (quick time event) where I had to break open the window of a car that was underwater. The game's  PDA is very eas...

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Hey! One second, let me destroy this wall... *boom* 0

 The legendary Battlefield series makes its first appearance on the next-gen consoles with Battlefield: Bad Company 2. Packed with humor, explosions, and a huge array of vehicles this is truly a Battlefield game. One of the core gameplay mechanics is the ability to destroy the environment, you can use a grenade launcher on the wall of a house and the wall will blow apart, and cease to exist. It is a lot of fun, and once you play this, games with static environments like Call of Duty will bore y...

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Explosive, in all cases. 0

 My main gripe with this game is the campaign, the story in particular. The story just doesn't make sense, and the character I play always gets shot in the face at some point. The events seem thrown together, and basically jump from one cool moment to the next. That would be fine, but it all kind of blends together which dilutes the experience. Overall it is a lot of fun, with great visuals. The sound is good, but could be better. Special ops is a great compliment to the short singleplayer. Tea...

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Its like the "skate" of snowboarding, but not exactly. 0

If you have played the Skate series ( Skate 2) and were looking for a similar game about snowboarding, you might have checked out Shawn White's game, but Stoked is truly the Skate of snowboarding... sort of. The controls are very, very similar to Skate, you manipulate the sticks and hold down buttons to do grabs, spins, flips and grinds. The controls feel very nice, and they are easy to learn, but hard to master. The campaign flies you to a mountain where you can roam freely and complete chall...

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Halo 3... oh yeah, ODST. 0

 Wandering the empty streets of New Mombasa with my VISR turned on is a unique thing that I never had the chance to do in the previous Halo titles. Exploring the dark, deserted alleys looking for audio files, or a clue as to what happened to my team members is a very deviation from the original Halo games. Sadly, thats all that is new about this game. It is called Halo 3 for a reason, it is essentially Halo 3, but with a slightly different formula. Instead of being launched into a linear story ...

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For the creative and fun types! 0

 Banjo Kazooie Nuts and Bolts is filled with great, colorful graphics, huge worlds, 100s of challenges, humor, funny characters, and it gives you the license to be absolutely crazy, or totally efficient in your vehicle designs. There is a huge variety of parts, engines, jets, sails, lasers, missiles, propellers, wings, 3 type of material (body parts) and each type of material has the following parts: Cube, wedge, corner, panel, T-panel, L-panel, pole, L-pole, and T-pole. The story mode is real...

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