Day 4 Podcast Deliberations Hypocrisy?

Listening to the Day 4 Deliberations Podcast found here: (they start talking specifically about it at 23:45) I noticed a something that they are criticizing for their 2010 Worst Trend in Games as something that GiantBomb is guilty of themselves: Social Networking in gaming and how it is a bad trend in gaming. GiantBomb does this with facebook and achievements for the site. They talk for a few minutes about how it sucks that you can get achievements for certain games by getting friends to play a game by using facebook. They talk about how it is unabashed advertising for games by spamming your friends facebook. GiantBomb does this as well though by giving us a way to update our status on fb by letting our friends know we get certain achievements on games. GB does exactly the same thing it is criticizing and that seems to me as hypocrisy.  
Granted, I don't get quest points(yet) for clicking the facebook update when I am playing a game to let my friends know when I earn those achievements on the site, but isn't it only a matter of time before that becomes one of the Quests? I think it is terrible in all forms, and I think the Staff needs to stop calling the kettle black. At least it didn't win the top honor for Worst Trend in Gaming, but still, it is pretty lame that they didn't catch the fact that they are guilty of it as well as the game devs that make the games that contain the very thing they are saying make the games worse. 
It's bad enough that I get updates on fb that my friend just beat his friends at whatever facebook game, but now we have real games that do it and we have my fave gaming site that does it, yet they don't call themselves out on it. Ryan, Jeff, Vinny and Brad put Socially networked gaming on notice and I am going to do the same thing to GiantBomb: You are on notice gentlemen!