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SC2 Easter Egg: iCruiser.

Found this on the first level of the StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty campaign. iCruiser and the iPistol. Gotta love Blizz taking pot-shots at Apple! (bottom line says "Are you operational?" gotta love low graphics.)


RPG's changed my way of playing games.

RPG’s let you play through a different world and experience different things that you wouldn’t be able to in real life; this is always exhilarating and fresh when done right. My opinion was different before this post.

Awhile ago I thought RPG’s were just a time waster. I didn’t really consider them a game, whenever I’d start one, I’d always think to myself “I could be doing something else…” But when it gets down to it, I was just being OCD about beating the game. I wanted to finish it as soon as I could. But when you take a step-back from that mindset (and act normal) you realize you need to take everything in moderation. Trying to play a 40 hour RPG in 2 days is ridiculous; you’ll actually go insane (or maybe you are insane). Breaking these RPG’s up into a few hours a day kept the experience fresh and rewarding to me.

Let's take a look at Borderlands, before and after this mind-blend. When this game first came out, I played the first 10 minutes and felt extremely overwhelmed and quit on the game. It just seemed that this game would take up so much time, and getting 5 quests at once blew my mind! Fast forward to now, I’m not being OCD about quests, or picking up every little bit of loot. I am enjoying this 100 times more than the first time I tried it out, just by relaxing and enjoying the game for what it is. Now that I’ve taken up this mindset, this has changed video games for me. Call me an idiot, but realizing that I didn’t need to 100% the game in 20 hours was a breakthrough. (Pretty idiotic!)

Looking at WoW from this new perspective, I can see why it is the most popular game out. You’re playing the game, always getting that feeling of satisfaction by simply hitting buttons and getting loot; and there is A LOT of that, which is why this game coined the phrase “World of Warcrack”. I would play World of Warcraft, but it seems that that game WOULD take a lot of time, and paying per month for something would make me feel like I was wasting money, unless I was playing ALL the time.

When you try to rush through a game, you might as well not play it; the best part of videos games is the satisfaction you get out of playing them. Getting that sweet gun, that highscore to beat your friends or the achievement points, even just playing the game; video games are all about satisfaction, but RPG’s dish it out in the best way. 


God Of War 3: Good Job Playstation Magazine

I love the Playstation. So I guess that means I love the Playstation Magazine? Well... this review just doesn't make sense.

... Really? I mean if you're going to give the game a 100%, it HAS to be perfect, right? This just doesn't make sense.

God of War is a huge exclusive for Sony, so I can see why the 100% would be awarded, but this is just biased.

I'm not ragging on the game, it's an awesome, beautiful game, but reviews like these are just to boost the metacritic score.