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This is StarCraft 2... Jimmy. 0

It’s been 12 years and it’s finally here. My goose is gettin’ cooked over this one. StarCraft 2 is armed and ready, its life is for Eiur and the metamorphosis is com-plete. Okay, I got my fix. Many people complained about the 60$ price, but to me it’s totally worth it. With the engaging and immersive single player campaign to the incredibly intense and competitive multiplayer, I would’ve easily paid more. Once you get in the game... PLAY THE CAMPAIGN! It’s beautiful. This campaign has ...

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Play. Create. Share. Awesome. 0

LittleBigPlanet from MediaMolecule is an innovative 2D platformer that will blow your mind; this game isn’t just a platformer though. MM introduced Play. Create. Share to Sony. With this, LBP’s core-idea was born. This game really sprouted a beautiful community, and stays true to its motto. You start this game by PLAYing, obviously. Starting out doing the set-piece story missions is enjoyable, but that is just the beginning, and doesn’t really show the full potential of the game. From h...

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Mario + Sweet Tooth = So Wrong Yet So Right.. 0

  ModNation Racers punches you in the face with copyright infringement the moment you take a look at all the crazy user-made karts and mods. But did this game capture that same satisfying aspect of Kart racing that Nintendo has with Mario Kart? ModNation Racers is a kart-style racing game exclusive for the Playstation 3 from United Front Games, basing itself around Sony’s “Play. Create. Share.” It’s what you’d expect from a kart racer--kart racing, drifting, boosting and weapons--but it’...

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Mad Orbz up in this. 0

Will this breakout clone from Creat Studios be able to match up to today’s standards of action-breakout clones? Break through this Read more button to find out. Magic Ball, renamed MagicOrbz is a breakout clone released on January 15th, 2009 for the PSN. This game takes that basic formula that you’re all used to and changes it, just a little bit. You’ll see everything you’re use to seeing in other breakout games--power ups, balls, paddles--y’know, that kinda stuff. But what makes MagicO...

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Hack n' slash + cute = !?!?! 0

Oh my... Fat Princess is a top-down hack 'n slasher team-strategy game for the PS3, released on PSN for 15 dollars from Titan Studios. This game puts up an amazing first impression. Quirky menu's with titles like "Play With Yourself" and "Play With Others" are just a small addition to appreciate. You'll hop into your first match and it looks very cute--cartoony little guys running around, hacking wood, building castle defenses--until you reach the choke-point, where the battles are goin...

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Linger in artsy fartsy 0

Wait... What? I don't... even... Linger in Shadows is an art "video game" from Plastic. It's $2.99 on the PSN and the game itself lasts about 30 minutes. The whole game you rewind and fast forward through this trippy area of different crazy things going on, you can also look around while doing this (this is how you get the trophies). That's it. How far can artsy games like this go, seriously. Flower was pushing it, but at least it had levels and some sort of progression; this is an i...

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Glowiified Bowling 0

High Velocity Bowling was released in November 2007 at $9.99 on the PSN. But has this downloadable game been able to stand the test of time? HVB is a bowling game, from SCE studios - Team Ramrod, that takes the genre a step further; adding characters with personalities, voice acting, different ball sets (with A through F ranking) and online play. But is it really worth it? Wii Bowling did it correctly; just a mini-game in a package with a few other sports games. But this game, for the p...

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My eyes, they feel good. 0

Man... This game is BEAUTIFUL! I may be a graphics whore; but it’s FUN as well! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? Zen Pinball from Zen Studios is the pinball game you'll want to pick up on the Playstation 3. It's the best looking pinball game out on the PS3, and sets the standards for pinball games today. The combos and certain tricks on different tables are difficult, but this makes the tables feel real, pinball games were never easy. If you went into your local bowling alley or arcade and tried t...

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If life was... uh... 0

  FlOw is a game that came out on the PSN for a few bucks, but is now available for free from thatgamecompany. The game at first was just flash-based, and was a college project by creator Jenova Chen. Later on, his company updated the graphics and added SixAxis support for a PSN release.      The gameplay is simple; eat up smaller organisms to add to yourself, making you bigger and stronger. Your first organism looks much like a snake, and uses its front pincer to eat other organisms. ...

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The first of many... 0

Call of Duty Classic is an HD re-boot of the first game in the Call of Duty franchise from Infinity Ward. This is what started it all folks. But has it aged well enough to warrant a $20 purchase if you didn't get the free code with your copy of Modern Warfare 2? CoD: Classic keys were given away with hardened and prestige editions of Modern Warfare 2 on a token that you would punch into XBLA/PSN to redeem the game and download it. Later on it was released for $20 on XBLA and PSN. I becam...

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Lets Get Torched 0

  Torchlight is an Action top-down Diablo-like RPG from Runic Games. Being a huge Diablo fan, I decided to finally pick this game up when it became available for 10 bucks on Steam.              Torchlight has 3 available classes (Mage, Ranger, and Warrior) with 3 different arch types for each class to skill into using a World of Warcraft-like talent system. The Mage is a primary caster, specializing in Arcane, Summoning and Lore and Battle, which is similar to the M...

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