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32Play Podcast - Episode 4: Stargate wants its helmet and gods back.

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Okay disclaimer time:

I have only been playing League and Dota for just over 2 months. I am not very good. This is the story of me trying to get better with the help of two friends. We decided to produce a blog and podcast about that and many other things. Please cringe and applaud at the appropriate times. Be prepared for salt and whining about secret shops and Blitzcrank. Don't take things too seriously and enjoy watching me squirm.

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Welcome once again to the show that never ends. Following on from my previous blog series 'Learning by Comparison' this series will be about free to play games - League, Dota2? and Warframe in particular. We will discuss other games..probably..but those will be our focus. At the moment there is a heavy focus on League mostly because of patch/new champion and we all play it but I'm hoping to slowly introduce more Dota, eventually. Yeah that's not really happening at the moment. Please burn your effigies of our team in the proper airy environment to reduce smoke damage.

Food poisonee: Jazz aka Jaspar

Hates people with glasses: Gunslingerpanda aka Adam

Losing to win: TBK aka Chris


Cabcast episode 4 - Of Old Gods and Feminists

You can download the mp3 here if you so desire..with added Getter this time.

In this episode we discuss Diablo 3, Orcs and Men and Danganronpa. We check in with Chris' Pillars time and learn that wolves will probably eat him.

League talk focuses on Azir and the recent patch changes, the nonsense surrounding upcoming Worlds and a quick look at Aatrox and Caitlyn. We also talk a bit about wards and Reddit's Summoner School programme.

Warframe talk comprised of the recent updates to Oberon and Torid as well as eyerolling over the new Arcwing mode.

I briefly talk Adam into trying Smite and then descend into discussion about Persona protagonists, Anita Sarkeesian's latest video and other such sundries.


We've all been relatively busy this week so not much in the video section:

Learning League:

Another Sona video - though I have been trying out some ADCs and a very poor Vel-cro. Chris mentions in the podcast that my warding of bottom lane isn't.hmm..'optimal'. I consider warding to be one of the most important aspects of the game so I welcome any help in that regard, though I did point out that the amount of times I've been saved by that ward in the bottom brush is innumerable - that probably only applies to low elo and not against Udyr or Zed/Akali. Also it's not always easy to reach the river when the other side are pushing as hard as some do. Nevertheless it's why it's called Learning League and not 'KSWTFNOOB League'..which is what I get a lot of these days while playing as an ADC. Sigh.

Old Gods: Smite

I take a look at a Co-Op game of Smite while playing as Apollo - one the most OP heroes I have ever played in anything. Audio levels were messed up for some reason but I manage to fumble my way through the basics while really annoying a Fenrir who should have known better. Will probably do more Smite coverage as we go on just for something slightly different on the moba scene.

Extra Credit:

It may have not been clear on the Podcast but Adam does not like all, but for you dear viewer he will go into the depths of hell..or something to that effect.

And finally Adam and his cousin go into the SRPG desert in order to find talking..animals?


Steam ID is Jazz and my LoL ID is JazzGB or Ahriman Efreet

Gunslingerpanda's Twitch Stream - link

Lolking link to my profile - link

Dota2 profile on DOTABuff - link

You can find Adam's reviews at Critical Gamer

Summoner School can be found here

My YT channel is JazzGB

Chris' YT is Teebeekaay (currently in production)

Adam's YT is TheBMPanda

Thanks for stopping by, hope you enjoyed the show..please leave any comments you have in the area below.