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2015 - Finished Games

In an attempt to lessen my overall backlog and to spend less money and more time on games I've decided to list off stuff I've finished. New Years resolution 4 - Don't buy a game until you've finished at least one.

I'm going to cheat to get the list started but it's always difficult to start a list. Will hopefully update as the year progresses..

A finished game = credit roll. Post game stuff would take forever....

I will occasionally post games of note that I gave up on as well, but will mark them as such to differentiate.

List items

  • Finished story mode, 4 hours I reckon.

  • Replay - 5 hours or so, mostly just enjoying the ride.

  • I'm guessing around 14 hours.

    If it wasn't for problems with the graphics engine and a hard crash point at the start of year 3 (if you go to the festival) I would have nothing but good things to say about this game. If I didn't have a massive backlog I would still be playing it..I want to still be playing it. The gameplay loop of get quest to make something - go find items to make something/battle through small dungeons/make something/hand it in/spend rest of the time doing whatever you want for that quest period is just..awesome. The lack of a 'world ending' story and sweet character vignettes just make it even better. Goes into my GOAT list.

  • 11:49

    I'm split on this. It's beautifully made, the music is divine, graphically it's wonderful and yet...and yet I swung between enjoying it and wanting it to finish as soon as possible. It's short for a Zelda game and even then I went through it as quickly as possible. I don't think the Zelda 'Dungeon - item - Dungeon etc' is for me. Being able to rent items and tackle the most of the dungeons as you wish is cool..Some of the bosses are great - Knight and Ganon especially. Not for me, but nevertheless a great game.

  • 11:46

    Vita remake

    Though I'd finished Momo's path this time last year, I'd left Kisuke until last night because..reasons. I decided to pick up the DLC so I'll get into that but I count finishing the main game as finishing so..yeah.

    As to the game itself..probably the most artistically beautiful game I have ever had the pleasure of playing. A Japanese watercolour come to life, and it makes Dragon's Crown look like the boring blergh that it is. The combat in the game is simple yet has a depth that can be missed if you just button mash (or use tempest to cheese bosses..don't judge me). The RPG lite mechanics with sword forging and food are fun distractions. My only complaint is the enemies themselves. If I have to fight any more dumbass ninjas with their bombs and fire breathing I may scream.

  • 21:39

    With the restored content mod, but not the droid planet.

    Quite simply the best RPG that I have had the pleasure to play. It takes what was good about the original and refines it. Sure there's no 'twist' in the story like the original's the only game I've ever really sat there and thought 'You know..they're not wrong.' It even stands up graphically, looking like a more basic version of The Old Republic. It's just such a shame, that like Bloodlines, it was released in such a state originally..though it does rather seem the norm today. I finished this originally on the Xbox when it was first released, and now I have done so again. Straight into the GOAT list it goes.

  • 11 hours or so

    Modded and played using the FSO engine. My first true experience of playing a game with my hotas and it's up there as one of the best gaming experiences I have ever had..comparable to the beginning of MGS in my eyes. With the graphical updates it looks good even today and the story is good enough to get you involved without overwhelming you with giant bipedal lions..but that's a story for another day.

  • Vita

    9? Hours to credit roll

    An interesting experiment in quasi action RPG multiplayer brawls that ultimately fails due to poor controls, boring combat system, levelling tied to RNG and grinding..many of the same problems faced by Destiny in fact.

  • 63 hours till credit roll

    As anyone who plays these games, to a coin a phrase 'The Real Monster Hunter Starts Here'. I have yet to go beyond HR3 on the Guild Quests and have done zero I expect I'll be playing this for months to come.

    Edit: April - now at 150 hours

  • 13 hours or so.

    After the mess that was Resi 6 I think we were all hoping for them to return to what made Resi fun. In my mind those are a) great locations, b) decent gunplay and c) batshit insane stories. I didn't find any of those in this instalment. The gunplay was the worst offender as I didn't feel that any of my shots had any weight to them. The story was terrible with only the vaguest understanding of Kafka wafted around it and the locals were uninspired. I accept that I'm probably in the minority here but Evil Within far..far..FAR eclipses this even at the reduced price point.

  • Episode 1 - couple of hours.

    John Hughes via Donnie Darko with a mix of Twin Peaks. I really enjoyed this. It plays to a lot of my childhood so it's unsurprising that I would to be honest. It's not as restricted as the Telltale games in it's storyline so far and the choices feel like they will have actual consequences. Time will tell if it stays the course..or if not I guess we can rewind and start again.

  • Uninstalled

    Open Beta - 15 hours or so

    A fun sidescrolling take on the classic MMO but more Streets of Rage than Warcraft. Typically Korean from the character design to the FTP model and the weird control schemes. Something to mess about with rather than devote yourself to. Alas the stamina/fatigue gauge doesn't really allow for a long play time.

  • On hold

    4 hours played.

    It is what it looks like. A grimdark version of Dark Souls but without the precision or the cohesive design. A western copy of a japanese game that copies from western design was always going to be diluted but some fun can be found here..alas with the release of Scholar of the first Sin..well..yeah.

  • Episode 2

    This would be a wonderful TV series and in a way it's a shame that it's only 5 episodes. There was a bit of a missed opportunity with the section at the scrapyard but the ending more than made up for it. I had flashbacks to the crawling section at the end of MGS4. I would say that the volte face responses from the character at the end didn't make much sense but I did have enough invested in the characters that I cared what happened.

    Looking forward to part 3 where we go to One Eye'd Jacks.

  • 4 hours?

    I really enjoyed the game itself, especially getting rid of all those dumb Shao Khan style boss problems stemmed from that fact that I (stupidly) bought the physical PC game thinking it would be on the disc (as nowhere does it say otherwise) to get around my bandwidth cap. Nope, had to download the 35gb which cost me more bandwidth..and then they go patch it with 15gb. Sorry, that shit isn't kosher. As i said online, there's a case for false advertising as it's not mentioned anywhere on the box that you need to download the whole fucking game - just activate it. So yeah, soured me to no end.

  • 4 hours to credits - infinite hours to 'git gud'

    Take Sonic 3d, add Megaman's sister Roll dressed up as Megaman, sprinkle in some Super Meat Boy and you have one of the most infuriating yet awesome games ever made. Essentially a platformer tailormade for speedrunners this game has you navigating a 3d environment that isn't too dissimilar to those bits in Dishonored where you talk to the god dude or whatever he is. Landmasses are suspended in the sky and you have to use the connecting walls/platforms/rocks to boost dash, wallrun and generally mirrors edge it around the place. You have ability to use a rocket pack to boost dash and run up vertical walls but that drains quickly though pickups in the environment can keep you going a bit longer. You also have a pistol with 5 rounds and a charge ability..luckily it has some homing capabilities but..don't trust it that much. Oh and it's rock hard..especially when you've got seeker drones, mines and buzzsaws all coming at you...but you gotta get those times down to get on the leaderboard, unlock new colours, new levels and just general bragging rights.

    MGS5 you've got a lot of work to do to beat this game as GOTY.

  • 6 hours

    I've been a massive fan of the series since I was a kid watching the show in dubbed French while on holiday and this has to be one of the most disappointing games I have ever played. The fact that I actually bought this in a sale and finished it is down to purely my love of the's a terrible game and a massive step back from Sanctuary/Senki and even a step back from the Hades ps2 game. Senki made the fights against the Gold saints almost impossible (as they should be, Gold Saints are DBZ God Goku level on a bad day, 3 of them together can use an ability equivalent to the Big Bang) without learning to use the seventh sense (dodge offset) but here you can mash buttons and probably get a perfect. They tore out all the levelling and the sidescrolling musou stages which gave Senki it's legs. Ps2 game had a better combat system with it's standard fighting game controls as opposed to the Naruto school of holding triggers and don't even get me started on moves being locked to different forms of the same character each taking up a character slot. It looks nice and it has most of the characters you want to see (Shura, Mu, Hypnos and Milo represeeenttt) but Senki is the far superior game in every way. Hopefully Soldier's Soul will be far better but I'm hardly holding my breath.

  • Episode 3

    Ooooh boy, now we've gone all Crisis on Infinite Earths. It's telling that a lot of the story can be seen to mirror what happened in the finale of the 'Flash' to some extent. Obviously there are only so many stories you can tell with time travel at the heart of them. That said it's only LiS that has the 'if you have been effected by anything in this game please visit...' I can actually see how people could be effected, or I guess affected by it. Rape, Suicide, loss of a loved one, domestic violence, sexuality, drugs, shit even animal cruelty gets chucked in there. Dontnod are trying to tell a story that's more suited to TV than gaming but they're making it work..full credit to them on that.

  • 6 hours?

    PSP port - I knew nothing about this going I wasn't really expecting the..ermm..nasty stuff in it. This is a straight up fucked up game with an interesting storyline hidden behind tons of walking around aimlessly till you trigger the next part of the story - granted I stuck with it hoping to find out wtf was going on but my ending didn't really tell me anything about what happened..

    If this sounds like i'm completely bewildered that's because I am. If you're into demons, and I dunno hentai, this might be the thing for so much.

  • PC - Episode 1&2

    I think this is the most unpopular TT game since before TWD's first season. There are a lot of things wrong with it - the weird anti-aliasing effect makes it look like the characters have heat hazes around them. The character models themselves are very obvious in their movements and facial expressions. As with all games of this sort there are some logic issues and wildly varying also feels that you're on a set course with very little you can do to influence it.

    That all said, however, I will be in the minority and say that this is probably their best work that I have played. I thought TWD series 1 was fantastic and I loved Fables but this has something that neither of those games had: A dose of reality. Odd thing to say, I know, given the context but Zombies are just..boring and Fables is set in a world of fairytales. GOT may have magic and dragons but you don't get to see any of it in the first two episodes - you just have a story that wouldn't be out of place in a historical novel. It also does something that neither Fables or TWD managed (in my opinion) and that is create situations where there are no good choices, where everything is black as black can be and you have to make sacrifices to survive - be it your dignity or your friendships. In a very short time you come to care for the main characters and..well, you know how that goes in the GOT world. Keep in mind I don't care much for the TV show and some of the plot points make no sense to those that have read the book - but if you treat it as it's own thing it's, so far, a hell of a story.

  • PC-Episode 3

    They need to add a choice in each dialogue scene that's just 'Kill them'. Each..scene.

    The engine is getting worse it seems..I had a couple of glitches and tons of slowdowns or misplaced items/characters. They really need to sort that out - obviously the engine is long past it's sell by date. Another thing to keep in mind is that your decisions don't really seem to make the slightest bit of difference. I'm okay with that as I'm enjoying the story but it's a bit disingenuous to claim that 'your choices will effect the outcome of the game' when they really don't. Also Garred is putting up with way too much shit.

  • Pc Episode 4

    Still having problems with the engine..stutters, jumps..that sort of thing. As far as the story goes we've really started ramping stuff up. I'd say it was the calm before the storm despite the amount of people being killed left right and on top of a golden harpy. I liked Asher's part the most probably, with Roderik and Mira not far behind. Asher and Beshka are by far the best characters with Talia only slightly behind them. I have two minor issues - Gared just gets it in the neck whatever he does - despite having absolute justification. I understand it's down to the script but it grates. The second is Dan..Dean..The white haired girl with dragons. Every minute she's on screen could have been replaced by a glove puppet going 'blahblahblahblahblahblah'. I don't give a shit about your pathetic excuses for dragons, I don't give a shit about your hypocritical jesus complex and I don't give a shit about you. Help me or don't..just leave the pathetic posturing out of it. Fully expect next episode to feature Ramsey Snow taking a crowbar to Ryon btw. He reaaaaally wants to be the Joker.

  • Onikakushi-hen - PC original release prologue chapter: Roughly 6 hours.

    I went into this knowing nothing about this Visual Novel.

    I think I need therapy now...and this is only the prologue chapter.

    It's interesting to note that I'm far more involved in the characters in such a 'game' than I would be in something like Arkham Knight (and the writing is infinitely superior - press X to Jason) and I don't really think people would expect what's going to happen unless they read up on it. Steam certainly gives you no warning.

    Highly recommended.

  • PC

    Credits - 42 mins.

    I'm a of Silent Hill: Shattered Memories and so it was inevitable that I try the next game released by the same writer. Whether or not you even agree that this is a 'game' as such is up to interpretation. Since you interact with an environment and use it to answer questions posed within that environment I would say it is. Is it a good game? Ehhhhh, kinda.

    To give some context I spent a good chunk of my working life doing just this thing - scanning interviews for clues to be used in criminal cases. Coming from the defence side of things we never in a million years would have keyword based data - you'd be lucky to get a typed transcript in time for the first hearing. What this game manages to do is create a very effective atmosphere of staring at a screen at 2am in the morning trying to work out wtf is going on and who did what. Due to the conceit that the database was scrambled and you have no linear path nor even the questions asked it can take a bit of time to orient yourself.

    In the end you will inhabit one of two camps as to what happened...and this will probably depend upon how you viewed the clips and in what sequence. To my mind there is no doubt what happened but I've seen juries accept any line. The truth is highly subjective.

    I'm sorry if that seems like a unfocused writeup but spoilers are impossible to miss when going any further into the game and I'd not want to ruin it for anyone.

    Concept - outstanding

    End Product - Okay

  • PC

    20 hours to'll know why I stopped there if you've played the game.

    *looks up at MKX write up* So yeah. More of that...much more of that. It's pointless to dredge up the issues that plague the PC release but let's just say that I managed to play the game on a 750ti at 720p where the game only goes down to 0.2 fps when you move from Island to Island. Is this acceptable? it playable? Depends on your patience..especially regarding the batmobile. Given that you move across the city pretty sharpish it bogs down super quickly. Otherwise it was a smooth 30-60fps.

    As to the game itself...well the combat can get bogged down with just too much going on at once, especially when you add in medics that can charge up enemies or revive dead ones. It's still fun to bash skulls in but it drags after a while..the batmobile has the same issue, it's fun in spots but it gets shoehorned in far too much.

    As to the storyline..the ending is great, the rest..not so much. The central conceit does not work, nor does the massive plot holes regarding Scarecrow and his toxin. The Arkham Knight is telegraphed before you even start the game and if you know anything about Batman's last 10 years in comics you already know who it is. It's a shame that the writers decided to shove all the big Batman stories into a melting pot as it's kinda a mess. What shines through are the substories that focus on a specific villain. The murder mysteries with the Opera especially..

    All in all it's a pretty good game let down by poor plotting, repetition and the specific PC issues. Hopefully Rocksteady are now allowed to do something else and really show us their creative muscles.


  • Pc

    8 hours to credits.

    I'm a big, though casual, fan of MtG and I'm in the minority of really loving this game. Deck building (though constrained by the cards available) is a game changer. Though I never had any problems with my starter deck (Green/White) and I actually finished the game with a modified starter deck - I loved experimenting with different coloured decks. I've always leaned towards Green White Auramancey but I now have a new found love of Red/Black vampire decks, Blue/Pick a colour decks and ramping all the way to Valhalla. I play with a controller so I didn't really notice any major slow down. AI can be baffling at times but it always gave me a run for my money...well, okay..sometimes gave me a run for my money when I had a bad draw. I have the expansion but the idea of playing with Garruk's deck is not exactly welcome after having so much freedom in the base game.


  • PC - Episode 5

    Engine just gets more and more bogged down, they really need a new one. Telltale also seem to be relying on the 'chaos' event too much - ie whatever you select, in the end there will always be a wild card event that makes a lot of your choices meaningless. As to the story - apart from one reveal which was rather eye rolling the rest with nailbitingly tense. I feel the game suffers when you have anything to do with the TV cast - and so it continues here..but with events coming to their end I fully expect a decent ending.


  • PC

    10 hours or so in open beta

    I'm wary of any MMO since losing a good chunk of university to WoW back in 2007-8. Not so much that I get addicted, it's just not a good way to spend time for me..there's a multitude of other things I'd rather be doing and not paying for them in quite the same manner. Skyforge is an FTP mmo that was stuck together by Allods and...sigh..Obsidian. Yes, that one. I gave it a shot because, lets be honest, apart from dearly departed Troika no one makes RPGs like Obsidian (and maybe CD Projeckt but that's not really my So you take Obsidian PvE writing and marry it with asian MMO and this is what you get. It's a prettier version of Phantasy Star Online 2. You have designated areas that you revisit to grind items, exp...whatever. You can switch to one of 15? classes (3 to start and then you unlock more as you level up) as you will and it's quasi-realtime with dodges and combo clicking like Tera. It looks very pretty and runs with a Too Human/Marvel 2099 concept of immortals and saving the universe..or something. you like timesinks? Do you like PSO (weapon drops are rare unfortunately..not like PSO)? Do you like jiggle physics? Well this might be the game for you. There are some issues with the game (it's in open they're still figuring stuff out like currency caps etc) but it's fine. Not really for me these days though.


  • Pc

    Episode 4

    Urgh. This series just goes from strength to strength. Yes, there are some plotting and dialogue issues that detract somewhat but as a whole it's a juggernaut. So many questions with only one episode left to answer them. The wait for the last episode will be a long one.

  • Pc

    7 hours before stopping

    I love the books, I like the first game and dislike the second game. The writing is great but..everything else is terrible. I just have no interest in wandering around in an open world game any more..I have neither the time nor the patience. Then there's the combat - it's like they've played Dark Souls, absolutely missed everything that made combat in that game interesting and then shoved the terrible combat of Witcher 2 on top of it. I'm not saying it's a bad game because, clearly, it isn't but it's really not for me. I just wish they'd get around to making some Eirkson - Malazan games..that would be far more interesting.

    Oh and Gwent is better than Hearthstone, but then so's cookie clicker.

  • PC

    36 hours/ 49% complete

    I stopped at the beginning of chapter 2.

    Much has been said about this game. I actually have no problem with the narrative up until the beginning of act 2. Once the Orwellian stuff starts the game drags, hard. I really enjoyed the first act - if that had been the whole game that would have been enough (and for those whining about closure etc - go play Metal Gear and Metal Gear 2). As far as stealth games go (and open world games as a whole) this is the best game of it's kind as far as I'm concerned. Chaos Theory may be more streamlined but it's not open world, nor does it deal with the same kind of concepts. My only other issue is that Kojima's method of trying to make a point is hardly subtle and can sometimes become part of the issue he is trying to subvert (Quiet being the prime example). The Metal Gear series has never really been about the storyline - it's a parody of western action movies. It's ridiculousness mirrors that of Hollywood in the 80s and 90s (I mean, time travelling robots with human skin and Austrian accents are fine but nanomachines aren't? pshh) and the narrative dumps also mirror that narrative process (excuse me while I tell you my evil plan so you can stop me Mr Bond) just through a crazy Japanese filter. Kojima speaks English, just obviously not to the standard of a native speaker, and since MGS2 he's had complete control over the translation - which explains some of the linguistic quirks..or fiddles.

    When all is said and done, there is no one who makes games like Kojima. Whether you love him or hate him you'll be talking about him - and that's what really matters.

    Here's to you, Mr Kojima.

  • PC

    200 hours

    click click click boom.

    It's a fun, colourful and slightly daft version of Diablo 2. The amount of classes (characters) and the fact you can - with a lot of grinding - get them all for free does give the game a sense of metaprogression most games of this type don't have. It cannot be stated enough how impressive it is that most characters, if not all, play so entirely differently that it's astonishing. Just because Winter Soldier and Black Widow use ranged weapons and stealth doesn't mean they play the same. Widow can't attack from stealth and she's more mobile.

    The only complaint I have is at the end game level. Going from 'red' and 'cosmic' level solo instances to the infamous 'cosmic gate' is tough. There isn't a clear progression between the two (it took me a month of grinding and lucky drops on my main, Rocket Raccoon) and many will just give up rather than run the same missions over and over and over again. Omega points are another issue. They act like prestige in D3 and in order to be effective in the 'cosmic gate' (which you have to pass to get to the highest level of solo content - 4 mins to take out Madame Hydra and Red Skull..both of whom can make themselves invincible for extended periods of time) and i'm not talking about 100, i'm talking about 1000+. This all takes time, unsurprisingly, but there's nothing to fill that gap for the solo player beyond just replaying the same stuff over and over again. Luckily your omegas apply to all characters on your account.

    I'd say for just mindless fun this has been the best game of the year for me...but mindless fun only gets you so far.

  • PC

    10 hours to credits but tons still not unlocked.

    I love One Piece from a distance. I've never watched the show and read only just past the timeskip...I will say this is probably the best non-Orochi Musou game that there is. It's a shame that the PC version is stuck with ps3 textures and enemy amounts but that doesn't really detract from how much fun the game is..Sanji remains the most badass character in the game due to his ability to extend combos with his R1 ability. My only real complaint is hiding some characters in the dream mode - and that the ending is rushed (and different from the manga, but that's understandable).

    Nevertheless it's really good, mindless fun. Pick up the ps4 version if you have a choice, otherwise as long as you're aware of the issues (and lack of multi on PC) then have at it.


  • PC

    11 hours complete episodes 1-5.

    An example of an episodic game done really really well. Sure, the game isn't perfect (episode 2 bottles I'm looking at you) and some of the dialogue causes people to cringe but..what it does do right it does exceptionally well. It captures that feeling of adolescence (especially mid 90s adolescence) perfectly and it probably has the best character relationships in gaming. It's only 5 episodes so some things have to be cut due to time constraints and character arcs can be lost in the noise but I can't think of a game since...hmm..FFVI? that I actually cared about the characters this much.

    You've done well Dontnod - whatever anyone else may say you have created something unique in gaming.


  • PC

    Full game (episodes 1-6)

    15-18 hours? (3 per episode)

    Before talking about the game itself, let's deal with the major issue this series has. The engine. Why Telltale haven't done something about it - lord knows. It judders, skips, fails to load...first time i started up episode 6 it took 10 mins to load (to begin with I thought it was sorting through my choices but that's ridiculous) and it's crashed on me twice. I don't know if this is something that people in general are dealing with but my experience was marred by it. Also that weird art style as if it was a water colour with Vaseline slathered at the edges...weird.

    As to the content of the game itself...from my own perspective (someone who enjoyed the first 3 books and has only watched the first series of the show because I lost interest) this is probably the best narrative work that Telltale has done since season 1 of TWD. I have been far more invested in the characters created for the game (bar Gared because..well no one cares about that guy, lets be honest)than the actual known GOT characters. In fact when ever they appeared it rather broke the immersion of the game, and they sucked..especially D..Dan..the girl who wishes she was in the Throne of Glass series. When the plot really kicks off and, in typical GOT style, they start dropping like flies it actually had impact. Believe me when I say that the ending of episode 1 sets the tone for the rest of the series. At the end I was told that I played with "Instinct and Nobility" you can probably guess..didn't end well for anyone, especially not when playing the game of thrones.

    Of course there are always questions as to how much your choices influence the game - there's always a 'chaos' event that resets things if you go too far off track...but in my case I don't really care. I enjoyed the story, characters and ideas behind the game - and that's enough for me.