2017 3ds activity log

One of the great things about the 3ds is that it tracks your game time and how many steps you take with it on your person. Irreverent statistical data but it always interests me to take a look at what I've been playing over the past year...even if that year was as crap as the last one.

Battery is pretty much dead, and there doesn't seem to be anywhere in the UK than you can order a new 3ds battery from. Not even Nintendo themselves. You can in America though...Luckily I just use an external battery which last for hours, so it's not that much of a problem beyond being annoying.

Side note: In typing up this list (10 mins at most) my battery on my 3ds has gone from full to flat just looking at the activity log. Sigh.

Region Free hacking was done, because screw that nonsense.

Total steps taken - 1,289 (didn't take it anywhere this year)

Games: 56

Total play time - 458:13 (that's a massive leap from last year)

And here are the top ten games - ignoring software like the activity monitor or eshop.

List items

  • 51:23

    The 'greatest hits' of Monster Hunter - further expanded in this Japanese only release. I played Dual Swords in the western release, I went full gunner in this one, mostly sticking with bows. I'm in G Rank I think...haven't played in a while. Game is a kinda a let down in comparison to 4U but that's to be expected.

    Monster Hunter World can not arrive soon enough...

  • 32:13

    A replay of what, at the time, had been one of my favourite games. Time has dulled it's shine, sadly...or it may have been the inclusion of VO. Some of it is terrible, especially the girls bar Haru. However, the game remains a great SRPG for those of us that have no interest in the-pokemans.

  • 28:13

    Getting to the end - finally.

    I love, LOVE, SRW titles - especially the OG games. I would prefer them all be OG games to be honest (as in their own characters rather than a massive mecha crossover). I've waited years to play this game, as I tend to prefer hand held SRW to full console releases. That said...ehhh...I'm not crazy about this one. Dunbine is always welcome, as is the ridiculous Mazinkaiser SKL...and the OG mech is kinda great for once. Very W like. However, the constant Seed Destiny/Macross Frontier/Fafner/00 bullshit brings it down. I don't care for any of those shows....well apart from Lockon Stratos. I pretty much use my (seriously) OP dunbine units and leave everyone else behind - with the occasional Demonbane or Ninja robot dudes as back up.

  • 25:36

    Nah. This was a drag.

    I have a deeper review in my reviews section, but I didn't like this as much as I hoped I would. The plot was kinda crap and lacked the subtle nuance of previous games, the map was TERRIBLE, and the combat was..eh..fine.


  • 25:17

    Easiest Low-High Rank ever. Just use Dual Blades and sleep walk through the game. I loved Malfestio (the Owl dude) but..like I said in XX, it's just a rehash of the series 'greatest hits'.

  • 16:51

    The year of Level 5 begins.

    Oh jeeze. I had no idea how much I would come to love this series. I don't even like football, but something about this game just hits me right in the endorphins...and the story, oh boy. The plot is kinda meh, but the interactions and the underlying elements..for a kids show/game it's intense as hell. One of my favourite games of the year, easily.

  • 16:19

    The game that started me on my Level 5 bender this summer.

    I have no interest in pokemon, nor did I grow up with it - but this game grabbed me far more than any pokemon game did. I guess it may have been the narrative, characters and the fact that the Yokai actually have some sort of 'presence' rather than being part of a hyper-elaborate cockfighting ring. Seriously, why would Pokemon want to beat the shit out of each other..it's kinda disturbing?

  • 14:24

    I like a good Dungeon Crawl...and I've played most of the Etrian games at some point or other..I just felt that this one went on, and on, and on, and on. Just returning to the level you were last on before warping out took up most of the time. I dunno, I don't really have a great deal of time to play games anymore and spending hours just getting back to the point you left the dungeon seems like a massive waste of time for me.

  • 9:33

    I have repeatedly attempted to get into the modern fire emblem series..but I just can't. There's too much emphasis on waifu this and waifu that over actual storytelling, and I've always found the combat simplistic and rather dull. I have Shadows over Valentia ready to go at some point, and that's a remake of the older (and preferred) game series..hopefully, that'll help.

  • 7:55

    I probably finished the game in about 12 hours..I'd have to look at my save on my cart. I didn't expect to enjoy this series as much as I have..I even like the characters. It's crazy. Depending on how things go, the new game (as well as the continuation of the SRW series) to buy a new platform. Doubtful at the moment, but it shows how much I enjoyed the game.

    And then there's that theme song..In English...and the VO..oh god, it's so bad, it's good.