2018 3ds Activity log

One of the great things about the 3ds is that it tracks your game time and how many steps you take with it on your person. Irreverent statistical data but it always interests me to take a look at what I've been playing over the past year...even if that year was as crap as the last one...again.

I managed to replace my battery with an extended off brand battery pack. It works now but comparing the Vita battery (which can go for at least a week without charge in sleep) to the 3ds which will probably run down in a couple of days without use is..quite something.

Next year will probably be the last for new software releases..you had a good run my friend.

Total steps taken - 330 (didn't take it anywhere this year)

Games: 59

Total play time - 105:49 (that's down from last year)

And here are the top ten games - ignoring software like the activity monitor or eshop.

List items

  • 19 hours

    Not finished

    Compared to the other modern Fire Emblem games..those since Awakening..this was by far my favourite. Were the maps boring? Yeah, probably. However with the focus on actual character writing rather than Waifus and the inclusion of dungeons and third person movement..this game was pretty great. I stopped at the tower climb due to dying and not really wanting to struggle on at the moment. Will probably return later.

  • Aka Double Cross.


    Not much needs to be said here - it's a 'best of collection' from previous games.

  • 7 hours

    A massive improvement on the first game, given the inclusion of Copen as a playable character. Could do without the teenage robo boy having an even younger VN harem but Japan gonna Japan.

  • Psychic Spectres


    I love these games but I just coudn't get back into the swing of things so soon after playing through the first game. There were just too many other games to play..

  • 3:40

    I actually finished this game on both 3ds and Switch - I liked it that much. Not much to say beyond the fact that as a Musou it works really well - could have done without so many clones, but the movesets are fun to use and the game looks great.

  • 2:47

    I've never been a fan of the series - I play 'fighting games' and the control system of this game is so foreign to me that every time I've picked it up I've just given up after getting annoyed at such weird (to me) decisions.

    However, with the release of Ultimate coming up I thought I'd give it another try...and it was...fine? Kirby being easy to play helped.

    Course, Ultimate came along and now I kinda get it...still, I question some of the design decisions but what do I know?

  • 2:47

    I buttered my pooper and got ready to play a horror game for Halloween and..er...it's fine? I can't really say that there's any depth to the writing and the gameplay is very simple RPG maker style go here, dodge this, find that. I'm not sure why this game has the following it does but..ehhh..whatever.

  • Or in my case Team Ogre Attacks!


    I've been slowly playing through this game over the year. I probably spammed twitter far too much for a couple of days with dumb screenshots of the teams and stuff like that. It's fun..once again..but still, more interesting stuff to do at the moment.

  • Ultra Sun


    Another case of hype leading me to check out earlier games (Let's Go being the candidate here).

    I don't like Pokémon games. I think they're poorly written cash grabs for people who just like repeating the same actions over and over and over again with cute animal surrogates because they were never allowed pets as children.


    Seriously though, I've never been a fan of Pokémon due to being outside that demographic. When Pokémon hit I was too busy playing Diablo or Street Fighter. When SMT made it's big splash with the early Persona games and Digital Devil Saga Pokémon just seemed too simplistic. To this day I crack up when someone says 'competitive' and 'pokemon' in the same sentence with a straight face.

    That all said - from what I've played of Ultra Sun it looks like they're finally attempting to do something interesting with the series. Yo-Kai watch may have given them the kick in the arse they needed to stop repeating the same crap and try something new..er. Can't complain about that. I enjoyed what I played, and that's as much praise as I can give it.

  • 2:33

    This was a mistake...let's not talk about it again.