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Favourite games of the past decade 2010 - 2019

Two generations worth of games - only 10 + 1 games allowed.

In no particular order.

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  • Though 999 was released in 2009, most didn't play it until this entry that collects the it and VLR.

    Fantastic series that kinda died with a whimper with the last game - but that doesn't detract from how good 999 and VLR are - especially the characters.

  • PSP

    Technically a remake of an old SNES game - MKLE is just, my perfect game. a tactical SRPG with a great story, great characters, fantastic music and awesome battles. There's no English version but there are some great walkthroughs out there.

  • Of all the 2010s fighting games - this update of XX is probably my favourite. The speed, music and addition of boosted specials is just what I wanted from the series. This is the watermark that has yet to be surpassed - however good the Xth series looks today.

  • Of all the AAA games these past 10 years, I think Read Dead probably takes the pick as my favourite. I took a while to get into the game, but once I did the melancholy storytelling gripped me like few other games do. Not a big fan of Rockstar game design and combat - but the environment and world pulled me through.

  • Of all the MH games I've played, this is probably my favourite. It feels the most complete (I haven't played Iceborne but World really isn't my thing) especially compared to XX. It just clicked.

  • English release was 2011 so suck it.

    Favourite RPG of the decade, hands down.

    I prefer FC to SC, and Third to SC as well. I feel that SC was kind of a let down compared to it's two bookends. Despite that it's still a 8/10 game, with Third being 8.5 and FC being 9.5.

  • Of all the TT type games, I think WAO is probably the best, and the one I had the most fun with. Looking forward to the sequel is it ever actually happens..

  • Released in 2010 in Pal territories

    While many will say Dark Souls - this game has the Tower of Latria.

    It's also my personal favourite of the series, with Dark Souls coming second and the rest being of zero interest to me. I'm done with Souls type games, but I still remember this one fondly.

  • This is really Bayo 1 and 2.

    And MGR.

    I didn't really enjoy DMCIV or V for that matter...but I'm happy with Platinum's output over the decade - though I found Nier Automata rather dull in comparison (which is funny because I love the original Nier..oh wait that's 2010 too..arghh)

  • Vastly superior to it's sequel in my opinion. Mechanically it may be worse, graphically it may be worse..but there's a heart here that I found missing in the rather dry (and philosophically boring) sequel.

  • Slowly becoming my favourite game of all time - despite some of the bosses being...annoying with their hitboxes.