Games played in 2019

'Ere we go again, lads.



Same rules apply as last time - It'll mostly be finished games but I'll mention games that I drop if I feel like talking about them.

Platforms: All Nintendo and MS consoles. Ps2/Ps3 and Vita. All Sega Consoles. Shitty laptop and marginally better desktop that I barely use.

I made a New Years Resolution to do the following:

1. Buy no new games (exceptions are OLD games, trade ins and pre orders made before this vow)

2. Finish a 3d Zelda

3. Finish a Wizardry game (or offshoot)

4. Finish a 3d Mario

List items

  • PC Original Eng Release

    (Old Sprites - I find them more effective..Rena's crab hands are the thing of nightmares alone)

    5 hours?

    Have you ever had a nightmare that felt like it never ended? Where everything that you held dear slowly fell apart around you?

    This is that story.

    The writing in this series consistently surprises me at how effective it is at making you care for the characters, and then..well..watching it all come down like a jenga game set above an active volcano.

    I could have done without the scene on the bridge, however...that was, unnecessary.

    4.5 'pick up your towel goddamit'/5

  • Ps2 (via ps3)

    30 hours

    In my round up of last year I explained that I had not enjoyed my time with Xenoblade fact I didn't enjoy my time with Xenoblade or Xenoblade X much - apathy would be a better way to describe my reaction to the first two Blade games (though X does do some interesting things and has a fantastic world which is nearly impossible to navigate) I mentioned to a friend of mine that I thought Xenosaga was far superior...or at least I remembered it being so. So in order to either destroy or validate my opinion I went back to the first Xenosaga game.

    First up - this game was released in 2001 according to the title screen. That's just crazy. Secondly this was never released in the EU so I had to import and rip it onto my ps3 (this is important to a later point).

    So does Xenosaga hold up? Yes, mostly. I say mostly because there are more than a couple of issues that may put off most people. For me they were minor.

    Let's start with the obvious - this game tries to out do Kojima when it comes to cinematics. If you cut all the FMVs from the game I reckon you'd have about 10 hours less on my clock. The thing is, I enjoyed these cutscenes - unlike the later Xenoblade games, 'Saga 1 is really well written. You have an exceptionally strong main character - Shion, along with Rubedo/Jr, Momo (her arc is good..her appearance, not so much), Ziggy and chaos. Kos-Mos, 'Saga's most famous character is just a robot, at least in this first game. She's by far the least interesting character. Each of these characters have story arcs - where they are at the beginning of the game is not where they are at the end, emotionally or physically. None of the Blade games have this - Shulk is still Shulk, Rex is just a fucking waste of space from the start.

    There's also the nice change of not having a teenage protagonist - Shion's design might be..different (and progressively gets sexed up over the games) she is a strong female character who is not controlled by men's desires.

    Second issue is how long the combat can go on for - each 'cinematic' attack can be up to 10 seconds..which means grinding takes foooorever.

    Third issue - game explains nearly nothing about how some of the systems work. I'm sure people have finished this game without putting TP into their stats or haven't used the skill system. This can be hard to understand and makes the game far easier.

    Fourth issue - bugs (at least on emulated ps3)

    So..I had one crash during a cutscene after a really tough boss. That can be worked around, but annoyingly it is impossible to go to the Robot shop in Kukai - which means no best spell in the game, which means that the last bosses can be really..really...tough. With Erde Kaiser you can one shot nearly everything (including Albedo)..without it's a slog.

    With all that said - this is probably the best JRPG I've played in years. Probably since FFXII. I highly recommend the game if you have the patience to deal with long battles, annoying bosses and some archaic designs. Hey, at least it's not random battles?


    Seriously though...this is just the japanisation of the crazy cult that Bush was part of, trying to bring about Revelations.

  • WiiU

    25 hours, maybe less? Why can't all games have a time keeping function?

    Yeah, it was pretty good.


  • Switch

    It says more than 10 anywhere between 10-30?

    I swear this lack of precision time keeping in my gaming habits is going to give me a complex.

    Female Saiyan

    Lvl 58

    End Credits

    Anyway - Xenoverse 2 is just Xenoverse but better. Better combat, more options, better storyline...kinda. If you want a quasi-mmo that's kinda like Destiny but with more punching and infinitely more customisation, you could do a lot worse.

    The major issue with the game, from a single player perspective, is the DLC. It's stuff that should have already been in the game or sold for far less than they're asking. Not to mention most of it was out before the Switch version was released and they didn't even bother to include it.

    They didn't



    Scamco gotta nickle and dime I guess.

    Saiyans are also heavily favoured in the if you want to get through the story, play a Saiyan. If you want to be a badass, play female buu character.


    I would kill for a Bleach version of this - but that's never gonna happen.

  • Vita

    A literal year in real time - game time: 35 hours?

    Top Ace: Ryoma Nagare 130 kills

    I try to do one of these every year, at least one, but I failed by about a month on this one. Too many games, too little time.

    So - as the first OMFG actual mainline SRW in English - how did SRW Victory stack up?

    Not bad. It's no W - but, as most agree, W is the best Non OG SRW there is. V is kinda around Z I guess? It's good but very very easy and the story is - well let's start there shall we:

    3 dimensions and 9? storylines meet in SRW Victory. The main storyline is based around the superb Battleship Yamato, and their attempts to get to a distant system in order to stop a war. It's a great story with great characters and meshes well with every other main storyline bar Eva. Eva has no business being in space but that's kinda offset by how much of a beast Shinji becomes later in the game.

    Yamato and Getter/Mazin were the highlights for me - it was also nice to have FMP back again - Kurz is a demon of a sniper. As to other series - Cross Ange was interesting enough to get me to watch it - I can't say that was a good idea given that it comes across as a straight man's idea of what lesbians are - but with mechs and dragons..and prison rape. Look, Ange is just...weird. It was great to have Combattler and Daitarn back again - Banjo is a great character, though the lack of Layzer to tie in to that made me sad.

    I think it's time to retire all but Unicorn from the Gundam series - even Skull was tiresome this time, and I'm a massive Kincaid fan. 00 and Seed need to be put in the bin where they belong and the UC stuff needs a long holiday. I even wanted Wing back at moments...which says a lot. Nadesico needs to go as well - it's been used too many times.

    I'm happy if FMP stays and there are laws about Getter and Mazin that cannot under any circumstances be broken.

    Apart from that it was standard SRW stuff - the addition of the Ex meter (every kill fills up a meter that allows you to spend say, 3 points on an extra turn if you kill in one hit, or 2 points to make your attack crit) made the game faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar easier than needed. Kurz went full rambo in the second to last mission and took out 40% of the map by himself in one turn...and he's in a real not a super. Lottie in Grungust could almost one hit bosses with some spirits. It was kinda hilarious.

    Shinji could one hit bosses without spirits in Unit 13.

    It was actually kinda scary.

    Anyway - as with all SRW games, if you like the characters and series you'll enjoy the game. If not, wait or look elsewhere. I'm really looking forward to X due to Cybuster, Dunbine and a more fantasy based approach closer to my beloved Masoukishin series.

    V was good, great in some bits but very convuluted and..Cross Ange...urghhh.

    4 'the power of love is a curious thing'/5

  • Xbox 360

    Less than 10? Gonna go with that - probably about 7.

    Farewell Starbreeze - you made some really good games (Riddick,Darkness) so mediocre games (that heist game) and some really bad games (the recent ones) - this reboot of the old Syndicate property is probably somewhere between the first two - it's an ok game.

    When they said that they were rebooting Syndicate - a series that I loved waaaaay back when it was originally released (on the Amiga in my case) I was hopeful - bare in mind this was pre EA going faaaaaaaaaaaaar down the shit hole.

    Syndicate was originally an isometric..tactical game? You had four agents who could persuadatron the public to fight with them, or just minigun the crap out of enemies. The reboot is an FPS because OF COURSE IT IS - that said, it does have some interesting ideas.

    First up - Richard Morgan of Altered Carbon fame wrote the story...and it shows...kinda. It's not a great story, but you can see what he was trying to do and where the limitations of the game shut the more interesting stuff down. Given a more open world like Deus Ex, this could have been really interesting. As it's workable.

    The Dart Chip: Essentially a hacking system tied to the LB that allows you to cause 3 effects - a suicide bomb, and backlash, and essentially a charm spell. Each of these effects a single enemy (though backlash can effect up to 3 in an close area) Unsurprisingly persuade is the best as it means you have an extra gun shooting - the annoying thing is that you can't use them in boss battles, or for 3 missions whole missions. They play the old 'now we take your toys away from you' nonsense - which isn't really fun and shows that they ran out of ideas.

    The chip's other use is as a bullet time/defense/xray camera all in one. Pop it on and you can see through walls (useful for shooting through them) move faster, take more damage and generally bulldoze everything.

    These are interesting ideas and fun to mess about with in the first couple of levels...and then it just turns into a corridor shooter with too many to shoot. You start getting cloaked enemies but they go down easy, or armoured enemies that you can hack and then shoot, and then hack and then shoot and the explode...and then drones that you hack and then get the idea. The levels start well, including a great nightclub shootout, but then turn into halls, sewer, halls - typical EA FPS design. The future is very..concrete.

    It's not a bad game, it has the makings of a fantastic one, but there's just not much there from the single player perspective that you don't see in the first couple of hours.

    There is Co-Op online but..not my scene and it's 7 years old on an previous gen of hardware.

    3 'true story - when I was 11 I wanted to write my own Syndicate fanfic, I started writing and the head of my school looked at it (without permission) and mocked me for even trying, and encouraged the other kids there to do it as well - so I never wrote again. I found that nonsense 10 years later and looked at it - it wasn't bad, especially for my age. So fuck you former headmaster of my school I could have been making JK Rowling money with my Cyberpunk novels...but probably not'/5