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Ps3 games circa 2014

And another...It's a good thing to do if you're feeling unwell I guess. Keeps your mind off stuff.

So, I probably won't be adding digital stuff as with the advent of PS+ i'd never remember it all.

List items

  • I've come to appreciate the combat system and it's focus (sic) but I lost interest on Gran Pulse..which is where most people began to enjoy it again..

  • A much improved sequel that I actually like on it's own merits.

  • Haven't opened it yet and the rumours make me sad, regarding Valkyrie Profile 3. The dress up stuff with Lightning is kinda annoying too given that she (IMO) is actually a cool stoic character but..well..Japan.

  • I really like Barker's writing, especially the Hellraiser stuff and this starts out with promise. Unfortunately the shooting part of the FPS is that's that.

  • What a beautiful but weird game. It's like some esoteric watercolour came to life. Combat is..I don't know what to make of the combat really. I think it's one button but I haven't played in a while..considering DMC3, God Hand, Ninja Gaiden Black and Bayonetta are my games of choice you can see how it would confuse me.

  • I own every silent hill game bar Shattered Memories on the Wii, which I think is my favourite. Downpour is better than Homecoming but that's not saying much.

  • Capcom idiocy strikes again. A spin off of Lost Planet - Ex Troopers is a fun arcade multiplayer shooter that would have found fans over in the west but nooooo we get Lost Planet 3.

  • Bears..and sonic screams.

    What an oddly awesome game.

  • An FPS that I never finished the first time around..

  • Wonderful musou madness..capcom screw us out of the sequels because it didn't sell. These types of games never really do sell in the West though..

  • Yakuza, as it's known in the West, but during the Sengoku period. More swords less karaoke. A beautiful game that should have been translated, but at least we get 5 now..thanks Sony.

  • People must realise that Yakuza is what Shemue evolved into..right? Right?

  • works...kinda.

  • A great musou game and a great Hokuto no Ken game at the same time.

  • Somehow manages to be worse than the first by a large margin.

  • THE best 4 player fighter on the system and one of the best fighting games there is. Shame about DLC but that's life.

  • As above..just with 2 people.

    Great to have it back.


    I picked up the Japanese version as I never thought it would come west. What did I know huh?

  • What a mess

  • Stylish as hell and that's about it.

  • *See Soul Calibur IV*

  • I love Arksys games..I like Persona games..

    I don't really like this game.

    There's something about it that's the story is terrible.

  • The wheels of fate are teurrrning

    The high point of the series...Chronophantasm is a massive disappointment in that regard for me. Abyss mode is great fun too.

  • Well that port sucked

  • Great party game..ridiculously cheap now.

  • Terrible game..just..boring as hell.

  • I don't think I can do this game's an experience. Gameplay mixes Zelda, bullet hell shooters, text adventures, platformers and RPGs but the story..oh god..and the music..

  • An HD sequel to one of my favourite games..I just couldn't get into it despite my love for the series. Masou Kishin probably suited me better at the time.

  • A great, if very janky, Kamen Rider Musou that ignore the Showa riders unfortunately. It's a lot of fun if you love the source even got me to like Den-O.

  • Another inferior sequel despite the added Riders. Load times are through the roof and the missions lack the umph of the original. Movie Riders are nice but they don't really bring anything new to the table. Black and RX better be in the next one.

  • A much maligned game that I quite enjoyed. It's more simulator than most people expected with the suits acting more like tanks than anything else before being tuned properly.

  • Sequel to the above and far improved.

  • I collect fighting games..true story.

  • I really like the combat in this game..

  • Soon to be on PC

  • Hands down one of my favourite games on the system. More like a side scrolling beat-em-up with standard 3d combat boss battles, the amount of crazy tweaks you can do in the game are insane. I'm a long time fan of the series and this game just gave me everything I wanted bar the characters..shame that the follow up reverted to the old format.

  • What do you mean my arm's my wife?

  • ehhhhhhh, it's not terrible..I just think I'm not an MMO kinda guy anymore.

  • So much for the big push on this game/series huuh?

  • I really like this game..the setting and characters (bar the American 'Altair')were fresh and exciting. The world was kinda empty between cities much promise.

  • and the rest of Ezio's games. Built on the promise of the first and gave us an adventure not seen since. Wonderful use of history (reading the logs taught me a lot about the era)and the first time, that I know of, that we could play a game in a different language with English subtitles. If you played the game in English you were playing it wrong.

  • Wherein Ubisoft realised that no one really cares about American History but Americans..and even they cannot stomach poor lead characters. Haytham would have made the game far more interesting but..nope. At least we got Aveline out of it.

  • A return to form..but without the historical markings of 2. Ship combat was excellent and it was a fun story..a great game overall but losing it's focus.

  • I saw this as a step back from 2..though few would agree with me.

  • I prefer these games to Killzone and the post Combat evolved Halos. I like the world and the crazy weapons.

  • My favourite of the series..I'm far in the minority though. I found 3 to be a let down in that regard.

  • Let's just agree that the port is terrible and the game is among the best ever made. Can we do that?

  • If they had taken out any shooting from this game it would have been so much it stands though it's a work of art in it's own right. Shame DICE have to keep making Battlefield because of the West's obsession with shooting things.

  • I much prefer the Prototype series to Infamous. While the writing is not as strong, the overall plot sure as hell is..and the amount of fun that you can have running up buildings etc is why Saints Row 4 is the best in the series..wait what am I talking about again?

  • A grim story wrapped in beautiful graphics, a fun combat system and some of the greatest music ever written. The last days of Chopin - the's unique in that regard.

  • GTA Irish Nazi bust up in monochrome 40's Paris with topless dancing locked behind a voucher/dlc because that's classy. That's it in a nutshell really.

  • The controls are a mess but it looks great.

  • An underrated game, or just misunderstood. It's a stealth game where vampires are actually lethal for once. Janky but still not terrible.

  • Well it's no ACE2/3 but it's not terrible. A mech arcade game where you play as your favourite anime robot that isn't a transformer or GaoGaiGar or Evangelion or Guren Lagaan or Demonbane or Ideon or..someone who isn't Shinn from Destiny CAUSE YOU WILL LIKE DESTINY...erghh.

  • In comparison to Black it's not very good. In comparison to most other games it's not bad at all.

  • Supplanted by the Plus edition on my Vita before I ever really started it. An Rpg about running an alchemist shop and adventuring without the world being at threat from ultimate destruction by gods..which is a nice change

  • Matt Rorie's Alpha Protocol is the best Western RPG made in a long long time. It does more right than wrong and your actions really do matter. Alas no sequel, story of Obsidian's life.

  • I really like the Clone Wars era of Star Wars..if not the movie.

  • Game of the Generation

  • A change, but a welcome one..apart from the weird bits with the BnB women..

  • Nope..not fun.

  • The best party game that isn't Mario/Smash or Rockband

  • Speaking of which..

  • Warframe..the prologue.

  • One of the best games ever made

    A really good game

    An underrated game

  • Post patch there are still some issues's nice to be able to play them on modern consoles.

  • DS version is better.

    No, really.

    I tried to like this game..the visuals are gorgeous and it has so much heart it boring.

  • Or Megadrive collection.

    Streets of Rage

    Golden Axe

    Phantasy Star




    do I need to continue?


    Still going after all these years

  • I like to think of this as a separate series, far away from the SRPGs I love. As such it's a fine mech game.

  • One of the best games on the system recently released on PC for everyone to enjoy.

  • Another of my favourite games on the ps3, again by Tri-Ace.

    Disjointed with a massive difficulty boost near the end it's still great fun and almost unique in it's combat system.

  • An RTS on console that actually works.

  • A good FPS with a decent weight to the controls and the only online I was actually any good at.

  • My love for Rorona plus lead me to consider buying Ayesha plus but at £34 for the vita version it was too much. Luckily I managed to source the ps3 version for £8..I just hope it has the fast travel system in it as I hate traipsing around places if it's not necessary.


    A janky a hell game needing another couple of months in development. Levels are too long but the story is probably the best non kotor SW game.