The Neverending March 2020 Games finished list

Here we are, still in March 2020 despite the date saying 2021.

Usual gumpf -

All Nintendo consoles

Xbox, 360 and Xbone

PSX, PS2, PS3, Vita and a PS4 hidden in the cupboard where it shall stay.

Surface Book Gen 1 with a custom 940m D-gpu.

Honor 10 phone.

Let's see if I can get through my backlog this year - cause I doubt I'll be buying any new consoles or games tbh.

List items

  • Xbone



    It's nice to actually have Castle Wolfenstein show up in the aforementioned series. I feel the game/DLC was rather let down by the map environments and that boss at the end which went on...and on...and on...and on....also, zombies again. Urgh.


  • Xbone



    I actually don't mind what they've done with the tone here - you can see a clear Arkane touch in the environments and combat design. It came off as a mix between Dishonored and Wolfenstein - which isn't a bad thing in and of itself. I had no problem with the twins, either. They acted like 80s teens - which they were. Imagine if Bill and Ted were stuck in Wolfenstein and their father was William Blaskovicz. I had no problem with it.

    However - the shared life, no checkpointing and co-op AI mechanics ruin the game on the harder difficulties. I have no interest in going through the level again just because the AI go stuck on a door and either died or did not revive me. This wouldn't be a problem if the enemies didn't shred your health and armour in seconds, but they do.

    It's a shame - as there's a lot to like here.


  • Xbone

    Aftermath expansion

    couple of hours?

    Yeah - that was fun.


  • Swatch

    8hrs for main story mode.

    Still probably the best musou sub series, though Gundam is pretty great too.

    Not a fan that it cuts off pretty much straight after the time skip, but what can you do?


  • Android

    Gave up counting.

    Probably the best mobile game of its type.

    You literally don't need to spend any money to get the best weapons, characters are free and there's only one system of energy that doesn't apply to story stuff.

    If there was ever a game that deserved the *maybe it's too good' meme, it's this.

    I had to step away as it was taking up all my gaming time - as you can see from the lack of completed games in this list (it's now Mid-April...MK11 was back in has been a bitch too tbh)

    5/5 but...look elsewhere if you want to finish a backlog

  • Android

    Tons of time

    Same as above really. A very good DMC game wrapped in a bite size IAP format.

    Unlike Opera Omnia, you need to fork out for characters and to get the best gear.

    Still, it's fun for a while and you can always come back.


  • Ps2

    7ish hours

    Everything but the final final final boss cause, yeah no thanks.

    An interesting attempt to make Castlevania for the ps2 era - released between DMC and God of War, the game has square/triangle combos that are the precursor to GoW but the corridors of the 2d Castlevania games.

    It's a fun game with great music and zero storyline...