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My Post-PS3 life

The 360 equivalent of what I'm experiencing
The 360 equivalent of what I'm experiencing

3 years and 6 months ago, I got my Playstation 3 and experienced my first foray into the next generation. I bought a new $1600 TV for it and three games. After the pain of seeing the money drain from my account, I experienced a tremendous amount of fun with the system. From my first PS3 title Assassin's Creed to my last game Heavy Rain, my PS3 has rarely ever disappointed. But now I find myself 3 years later with a glorified Netflix streamer. Why you ask? Because of a failing Blu-ray drive(for the second time). The first time this happened, my PS3 was about 3 weeks from being out of warranty so I was extremely happy to still have a PS3. Two years later, however, I can't say the same.

Ain't she purty...Fuck a fingerprint
Ain't she purty...Fuck a fingerprint

After I bought a PS3, I became more interested in gaming in general. Taking a vested interest in a system that I spent nearly $2000 on,if you include TV and games. Becoming more active in the Gamespot, later Giant bomb, community, gaining a friend that had a mutual interest in gaming, and even adopting other systems(Gaming PC and 360) as well; All of these were made possible by my PS3. Now I find myself looking at my collection of PS3 games and wanting to play them. LA Noire, Eternal Sonata, and Heavy Rain are the games that seem to be mocking me as I sit watching random shows on Netflix. Those don't include the future games like Resistance 3, Twisted Metal, and Uncharted 3. I will get another PS3 but the question is when and for how much. My price point right now is $199 and if that were to happen I would be set. But until then I will be going back and playing the old standby Fallout 3 on my 360 praying the price drop can come sooner rather than later. The future of my PS3 gaming life can be summed up by 4 words of Arnold Schwarzenegger "Get to the Choppa".

"Get to the Choppa"...That's right...right?