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I think if you wait a week or two after release you'll see this game for 25. I just don't think it'll sell and I think Square realizes this. I got Sleeping dogs for 19 bucks 2 weeks after release. Even Square was selling preorders for 34.99 on their own site a month ago and it came with a Hitman Tie.

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I think the point that people agreed that it wasn't doing well was after the 30 day free trial period ended for day 1 purchasers.

TOR doesn't have a great story. I don't think anybody is missing out on not playing TOR as getting to the story bits involves grinding through 50+ hours of really boring gameplay. There is no loss for people that like story in games cause there's plenty of better playing games that have a hell of a lot better stories than this.

Edit: And i should say I was one of those day one purchasers.

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I don't really get the point of this article. It's not really giving any insight into game development or people behind it.Sure there's a lot of people that are working on games that they used play. Nothings really explored apart from that. Maybe I don't get why I'm supposed to care about his one instance of "hey I used to play that and now I'm making it". Also, snickered at the article title (it's so dumb).

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"EA buys THQ for $1". That's going to be next weeks news, right?

Hell no, EA isn't going to buy into THQ's debts.

I really hope that THQ are shopping their dev studios around, it's going to be crushing if they cancel the games and start laying people off.

I don't know quite how much THQ's debts are, but THQ has IP that would be extremely valuable to EA. Saints Row alone would be an extremely valuable asset to them. They don't have a GTA-style franchise. They would be buying into an established, well liked franchise unlike anything EA currently make. Add onto that a selection of other IP's, EA could make a bunch of money from THQ franchises.

Of course, it all depends on the size of THQ's debts as to whether or not that's worth their while, but there is a bunch of value in THQ.

Isn't EA in its own hole at the moment? Do they even have the capital to even be able to buy out THQs properties? EA has tried to make games like the ones THQ makes and they haven't paid off for them. In other words, I highly doubt EA would be interested. Considering Vivendi is looking to sell their gaming division(if rumors are true) then that means they aren't in the market. Even if Activision weren't up for sale they don't buy studios unless they make billions of dollars in revenue.

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Yes you handled it just right. If the guy didn't want his kid seeing something "violent" or cursing maybe he shouldn't have taken him to a 007 movie. I had the same reaction when a couple of old people behind me kept kicking my seat and chatting throughout The Grey. First time I turned around and asked them to stop kicking my seat. They continued about 10 minutes later. So I turned around and asked them in a very angry tone "So you gonna keep talking and kicking my chair or are you going to fucking watch the movie?". Stopped them from chatting. It doesn't matter if their 14 or in their 60s or 70s, they should know by now what movie theater etiquette is.

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@shadows_kill: Darksiders 2 performed for shit apparently, and Saints Row isn't gonna be out for at least another year. I doubt that Company of Heroes 2 is going to do enough good business to change all this. Metro: Last Light is due out when? Even then, it won't reach the mass audiences it needs to hit in order to make them the money they need to make.

When it comes down to it, THQ makes games that are special and excellently crafted in a world that only gives a fuck about Call of Duty and the next shooter between each Call of Duty game. = /

I'd say that was true, if not for the fact that Dishonerd and Xcom did so well.

Except xcom didn't sell very well.

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@Seppli said:

If you get Puerto Rico to join - I bet Cuba will be up for grabs once ol' Fidel bites the proverbial bullet. So here's my second prediction. Cuba will become the 52nd state joining the USA.

Just think of all the great cigars you'll finally be able to smoke legally. And all the weed you can wrap up in prime Cuban tobacco leaves. And all the fine Latina women to flood the states.

Well problem with that is Fidel is no longer in power. So even if he died the country would still have its president (his brother). Fidel would get the Kim Jong Il treatment.

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@Aetheldod: Again, Video reviews do not go over the goods and bads of a game in depth. As far as I'm concerned Video reviews only give you the high points and dramatize them then gloss over the bad as if its nothing (if it is what they consider a great game). Or on the flip side highlight only the bads and gloss over the good (if they considered bad).

As far as, the visual media is concerned. Movies are visual media, but movie video reviews are useless.

By reading from your comments it seems like you've never read a review. Either that or your mistaking previews and game guides for a review article. If this was IGN and you were talking about a review Audrey Drake did then you'd have a point.

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@Aetheldod said:

Fuck reviews .... by now you should know if the game is good or not (not for me... gave up on AC after 2) so why is it important? IT IS NOT. Move the page there is more stuff to cover.

Maybe people need more than the knee-jerk reaction of Ah man this sucks in the quicklook and more in-depth talk of the goods and bads of said game. If you went by quicklooks then you'd never buy a game if Jeff was quicklooking it. His reaction to stuff he likes is "well its fine" in such a disappointing tone that it makes him sound incredibly down on said game. Just look at the Halo 4 or BL2 quicklook to review difference.

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1. You're avoiding what you originally said which is that Obama is responsible for the sluggish economy. Let's expand what you previously said to what you just said. Okay so if the government doesn't have the responsibility to oversee people or businesses then why are you blaming Obama for the economy?

2. All states require at the very least the ability to pay for the costs of the other persons damage(whether it be health or car) with most requiring at least liability. Can you afford to pay for the medical bills of another person and a new car? If not then where are you going to run. Yes, I know school is cheaper. If it weren't for grants and the public university systems that exist I would never be able to afford college.

3. You were pointing your finger at Obama and saying you would vote for another person because of it. So yeah, it is relevant.

4. Point being those products still have a finite supply.

5. Don't really need to respond to that considering PillClinton took care of that

In the end, you're promoting individualism to the extreme. Get yours and fuck everyone else. That is a lot more devastating to America or the world than having people have insurance.