Blog Update for Anyone Who Cares- Happy Monday or Wednesday, Duders?

WOW! It has been some year but 2016 is here now and 2015 can suck it. A lot has happened since I last blogged here at Giant Bomb. I had some health issues but seem to be doing much better now. Those of you (all 3 or so of you) who followed me last year saw that I blogged once or twice a week for a few months then fell off the face of the earth like The Witcher 3 (it's a great game!) during day five of the GOTY deliberations last year. Well, I'm back, and I plan to write more. YAY!!!!

(Whip Crack!)
(Whip Crack!)

The plan is to put something up every two weeks, although that could conceivably change at the drop of a hat... stupid real life. The old series "Happy Monday Duders" will return as a bi-weekly blog, as well as some supplemental single game blogs when I just can't contain myself. I am also hoping to drop some reviews on your heads like a crazed/drunken review fairy. Here is the first one Darkest Dungeon is super rad! Done.

Seriously, I really enjoy writing, it's an escape even if I'm not great at it. Interacting with people in the comments last year was awesome and I can't wait to get back into that again with some of you wonderful duders. The first new Happy Monday Duders since last March will be the coming Monday, 1/25/16, with these "quality" games:

Thanks to anyone for reading this and I hope that I can make Happy Monday Duders and whatever other dumb things I write or do entertaining enough for someone to yell at me for being wrong.

SURPRISE SECOND REVIEW: Life is Strange is not good... it has begun.

I'll talk to you guys and gals later.