Giant Bomb's 2014 MVP - Drew Scanlon

Drew Scanlon appears, from all of the Giant Bomb content I've watched him in over the years, to be the nicest person in the world. I realize that 2014 was a pretty crappy time on the internet and a lot of people were hurt... this isn't a post about that, don't worry. One person though, in every piece of content that he was involved in seemed to have an incredibly positive attitude, Master Chief Collection aside, and always seemed to find some good in every situation.

When I started following Giant Bomb nearly 6 years ago now I latched on because of the varying personalities involved with it. GB changed how I viewed gaming websites because I wanted to know more about the editors at the other places I visited but unfortunately once other places began to emulate what the Bomb Crew were doing it just wasn't the same. I could relate to the guys here because they reminded me most of how my friends and I have always been when sitting around talking about gaming, sports, etc.. The problem with other sites was the content was that it was too produced, too little individuality was allowed from the people involved. GB has always been different.

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Drew was allowed to shine last year after the tragic passing of Ryan, he was always involved behind the scenes and in videos occasionally but he had to take up a much larger role in front of the camera, and he knocked it out of the park. I posted on a GB forum a few weeks back that he was my Giant Bomb MVP this year because I enjoyed everything that he did. His humor and ever-present positivity were great.

The site as a whole had a great year and I am looking forward to what is in store at GB for 2015. The main thing however that I am excited for is what Drew does. Whether is be more Metal Gear Scanlon, his choices for UPF, or any new features he takes part in.

Drew has done an awesome job at Giant Bomb and he has really came into his own over the last year and a half. 2014 was the year that he really was able to shine in front of the camera and we should all thank him for his contributions, in terms of site content and his optimistic attitude.

Thanks Drew...
Thanks Drew...

Let everyone know what your favorite Drew moment is in the comments...