Happy Monday Duders - Remakes, Retries, and a Freakin' Master Chief Collection XBOX One Bundle, Really?!?! 03/09/15



Here we are again it’s another Monday and another rambling session for this old gamer/cool dad. I hope all of you had an incredible week doing whatever makes you happy because we all need to be happy. I spent time last night watching the Giant Bomb PAX panel and the Paxamania event and I am still occasionally laughing at some of the shenanigans that took place. RUN GFB took over and The UnderDraker is probably the greatest name for anything, ever. I would love to attend one of those someday just to be in the crowd to see it all live.

I shared a really personal story last week and the response that I received in comments and messages were overwhelmingly positive. Thanks to all of you who shared some stories with me or gave me some great vibes over the past week, it really means a lot to know that though most of the internet can still be an awful place, there is a community that can be so helpful to others. Keep being awesome Duders.

I vowed a week ago to shelve any talk of that company that starts with an “N” and I will stick to that because this week was all about me spending time with a couple of games (one of which was remade on a Nintendo console 13 years ago and then remade again on… forget it, I will mention the GameCube a couple of times). So, without any more yammering let us see what I’ve been playing.

1. Resident Evil HD Remaster

THOUGHTS: A few weeks ago I talked about my love of horror games and how I became a huge fan of the Resident Evil franchise during the PS1 era and haven’t really liked any RE games as much as the first two since. That is still true but I did thoroughly enjoy the GameCube remake of the original RE, so when I heard that it was being remade (a remake of a remake) I actually got excited that Capcom may finally be listening to the fans that made the series so dang popular in the first place. It has sat in my Steam library since release but last Tuesday I decided to fire it up and try it out.

The visuals have gotten a decent upgrade but the GCN version looked so good that it may not be as noticeable at first glance but I decided to go a step further and boot up my copy from 2002 and after a bit more inspection I can say that it is a major improvement in a lot of minor ways. The lighting, character models, and environments have all been made to look much better than they did 13 years ago which makes total sense. The ability to now play the game in full analog mode is something that I enjoyed possibly more than any other change made. The level of control you feel like you have over your character is increased significantly and makes the game fun to actually travel through and explore. Oh, and there is plenty of exploration to be done in this and every other Resident Evil game that I have played. The mansion has always been a cool setting.

VERDICT: I put close to 10 hours into it over the course of the week and it brought back the feelings that I had for it when I played the original. This is a great game and one that you should definitely give a shot. It’s one of the best survival horror games ever made and one that you will remember for years to come; especially the cheesy voice acting. It’s amazing.

2. Lords of the Fallen

THOUGHTS: I wanted to like this game, I really did. I played it for almost 12 hours and kept trying to convince myself that if I just gave it another hour or so that it would click with me the same way that Dark Souls did. That never happened. The art style, gameplay, designs, and feel of the game is extremely similar to a Souls game but it’s missing something. It feels so lifeless compared to the masterpieces that From Software created. Maybe it isn’t fair to judge it next to those games but once you play Lords of the Fallen for a little bit it will become impossible not to. I wanted it to be a game that would hold me over until Bloodborne came out but all it really made me do is turn my PS3 back on and play more Dark Souls 2. It is missing the heart that a Souls game has and most importantly the depth.

You are hamstrung in Lords of the Fallen in how you can build your character in ways that you aren’t in Souls. Sure you can build a character in Dark Souls 2 that is completely useless but at least you still have that freedom. Lords of the Fallen is a great idea but one that isn’t fully realized.

VERDICT: Play Dark Souls.


I bought Helldivers on Saturday but haven’t had a chance to check it out yet. I really liked Destiny and it has been described to me as a Destiny-esque game so I’m going to spend some time on my PS4 with that this week and while I’m at it I’ll probably also spend some more time with Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare too. I have a few friends who have been bugging me to jump back in and try out the new maps and Zombie mode so that will most likely get some blog time next week.


Maybe just don't bother with this.
Maybe just don't bother with this.

I have been nice for a couple of weeks in a row in this section but over the weekend I tried to play something that I actually pre-ordered and in an earlier entry in this series became the reason that I have sworn off said practice for the year; Halo: The Master Chief Collection. It is still barely playable. We had a party of 3 trying to find a match which took 5 minutes (which is an improvement from the 45 it could take in December) but once we got in there we all experienced high amounts of lag and every second match or so one of us would get kicked from the game and we would all have to party up again only to go through the same crap. It is so frustrating that this is still happening nearly 4 months after release. I know the team says they have been working on it constantly but for the consumers who spent 60 dollars at launch only to get a game that still doesn’t work properly that’s hardly enough to ease the growing disdain for 343 as a company.

I really liked Halo 4. It worked as well as I could have asked on launch day and I felt that the single-player was actually really good. This made me look forward to the MCC when it was revealed because I wanted to go back through the campaign modes and get into some multiplayer matches with friends but, sadly, we still can’t suitably do what we wanted.

Hey Phil! You may want to rethink this one.
Hey Phil! You may want to rethink this one.

Fast forward to today when I see a report that there is actually an XBOX One bundle coming soon that has the Master Chief Collection as a pack-in. Are you serious? You are putting a game that is being killed on social media on a daily basis and is patched every couple of weeks because it doesn’t work into the box with a system. This is insane. How would you like to open up your shiny new console and pop in the game that comes with it only to sit for upwards of 15 minutes or more waiting to get into a multiplayer match? You would immediately regret your purchase because you would assume that there is something wrong with my new machine when in fact it’s just the game that came with it.

As those of you who read this blog on a regular basis can attest to I am an extremely positive person most of the time. I don’t usually go on negative rants about games or people or anything for that matter but this has blown my mind. I’m still hoping that I will magically boot up the game one day and it will work perfectly but based on the progress in the four months since it released, I won't hold my breath.


We've gotten a lot of them in recent years so I must ask:

What is the best Remake/Remaster that you have ever played?


Thanks for the kind words over the last week, they all mean a ton to me, you guys and gals here in the Giant Bomb community are incredible. Please leave a comment below to get the discussion rolling if you want and now I’m going to go check out Helldivers, but first, I want to wish all of you a very Happy Monday Duders!!!!