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GOTY List 2014

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  • This was a surprise. I wasn't expecting to enjoy this game as much as I did and in a year with too many games sticking too close to a familiar formula I loved that Shadow of Mordor introduced us to something different, the Nemesis System. That was awesome... I saw the videos explaining what it was but I still didn't know what to fully expect from it until I started playing. The executions were all fantastically brutal.

  • I am an enormous fan of the Souls series and could not wait to get my hands on Dark Souls 2. While I agree with some of the criticisms that it was just more Dark Souls, I had not problem with that because I love the mechanics and gameplay so much that I wanted more. I poured a ton of hours into this game earlier in the year and loved my time with it. I kept, kind of, waiting for something else to come along and knock it from my top spot but nothing did. A lot of the games I was looking forward to in the back half of the year were disappointments to me and nothing came close to matching the fun I had with Dark Souls 2.

  • Just finished this. After 40 hours and a ton of fun I can officially say that I love this franchise. I plan to go back and make lists for the couple of years I missed on here and before you even look at it, Borderlands 2 is my 2012 GOTY. This is more of that which wasn't a bad thing to me.

  • I will agree with anyone who says that the story in Destiny was terrible. I would even go as far as to say that it is nearly non-existent. I didn't care for the characters and I felt like the customization options were severely lacking. I just had to get those out of the way so I could say, I had a great time playing Destiny. Over 150 hours spent in the game and most of the that was with the same 4-5 people. The gunplay feels great and if you can find enough people who want to play it for an extended period of time you will have a great time. I know I did.

  • I've felt the same way about the Call of Duty franchise the last few years as many of you but this years entry changed the game a bit for me. The added mobility made this feel different enough from the previous couple of entries in the series that I had a great time with it. It falls into the same category as Destiny in the way that I had a few friends that played a lot of hours with me which added to my enjoyment of multiplayer and the game overall. Plus, I'm a huge fan of Kevin Spacey... huge fan.

  • It's so simple but I cannot stop. I play every single day. This is my favorite mobile game ever... easily the best of that kind to come out this year.

  • This looks so good. I loved Mario Kart 8. It was so polished. The new tracks are awesome and the updates of old tracks from the series look the way that they were probably originally envisioned. I had an unusually good time playing the WiiU this year which is why this won't be the only game from that platform on this list. I love the fact that I am able to sit down and play this game with my family.

  • The Walking Dead slowly moved me back into adventure games and this year, The Wolf Among Us hooked me completely. I loved the story and the characters were some of my favorites from any game in 2014.

  • Nintendo just keeps making incredible games. Games that are so much fun if you really sit down and play them that they become hard to overlook at the end of the year when you're trying to compile a list of not only the best, but most fun gaming experiences you had. I have played a ton of Smash since release with family and friends. A huge list of playable characters, some really fun single-player modes, and best of all the traditional Smash gameplay in beautiful HD.

  • This was a throwback to the JRPG's that I grew up playing constantly. The battle system feels great and even if the game is bogged down and padded out a bit by the final third, the first two-thirds were still better than most of the other games I played this year. Also, easily one of my favorite Quick Looks from the entire year.