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@Klei said:

I don't get why people are getting so emotional over this game. I'm reading comments on the internets and people are like, batshit crazy about how this game turned to be. Now, RE is considered a super huge series, but back in the days, no one liked it. And I'm going to stand my ground on this. I remember trying to convince everybody to play with me, but no one liked it.

Very few could bear its bad controls, bad storyline, bad everything except its relatively cool setting. And then came RE2. It basically was RE1 done right with more action. And then came along RE3, with its assault rifles, ammo crafting mechanics and merc modes. Nobody liked it, because of the Nemesis.

I'm not going to comment on Code Veronica. It sucks.

And then came REmake, which was RE1 done right once again. RE0 came out and I never could bear to control two characters on one gamepad. I remember people saying it needed to be co-op.

RE4 came out shortly afterwards and perfected the... third person shooter. That's why we loved RE4. It's fucking gunplay. You spend 80% of this game shooting people in various zones of their bodies and then doing supplex moves on them.

RE5 releases, and people bitch about how its racist, how Chris' muscles are too big, how Sheva is stupid, blah blah blah. And the tank controls. You guys didn't like tank controls. Yet, I clocked around 110 hours in this game. I just loved it. I loved to play co-op, the AI partner was damn fine for me because I didn't give my health items to a fucking AI, unlike so many players. I even bought it back on a steam sale, a week ago. God damn this game looks gorgeous.

We showed the world we bought 16 M units of Call of Duties yearly. That we loved Batman. That we love QTE's and God of War. We showed the world we loved Battlefield and jets and assault rifles and shit. We showed the world we liked action games and proved it would sell a shit ton better than old-ass horror games. We made this.

RE6 releases. Four fucking campaigns to honor each of RE's strengths. Nearly 7 hours long each. Liberty of movement. Co-op. Merc mode. Agent mode. Zombies. Infected. And yet Brad and the internet cries.

I don't get humans. It's like trying to please an abusive, princessy girlfriend who keeps screaming at everything.

this sums up my feelings. thank you

Most haters on this forums have not even played the game, but are just herders following the GB pack. "If ThisGuy says its bad then it must be bad" - type of reaction. Get a brain seriously. I never came across whats was said in the quicklook, and i find it overexagerated, its full of bad excuses from a lazy player that doesnt to put effort into knowin what hes talkin about. He doesnt even know the controls! Even patrick Kleppek knows better havin not played the game ! seriously get real. this QL was so freakin me out i almost didnt buy RE6, but i eventually did and didnt regret it. Brad's statements are mostly wrong, dont be fooled. want proof ? go on twitch.tv and find a good stream for RE6, maybe you will change your mind.

sorry sir, this game controls fine, im havin no problem whatsoever. maybe you re missing something, have you checked the manual ?


Ps : Low Health is indicated by a screen tinted in red and a red circle line on the borders of the screen, and yes he holds his side when hes badly hurt.

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@the_OFFICIAL_jAPanese_teaBAG said:

Nothing wrong with that. Ohhh thats good that they let you change to the laser pointer because I couldnt stand those sights. Hows the damage to every shot? After watching the Quick Look it seemed like the bullets were really expendable and I honestly liked making every shot count

i agree, those laser sights... i prefer no crosshairs and laser tbh, more accurate

where you shoot matters for sure, on regular zombies you can practically shoot anywhere on the body but thats awaste of ammo, on J'avos thats another story ; for example if you shoot an arm it will mutate into a shield or a scythe, if you shoot two arms it will have both or something like that, so aimin for the head can be a life saver. protip : always shoot what looks human(oid)

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RE6 is fine; doesnt deserve all the hate it gets. period. and i HATED RE5.

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@Xshinobi said:

I have played the demo a few times and I really enjoyed it and I'm wondering if the demo isn't a true representation of the final release given all the poor feedback it has been receiving. Is the game really that bad of a train wreck? I think the controls and shooting is way better than RE5.

nope, and yes its way better

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being bad at games leads most of the time to disliking them, and there he gave a bad impression about a game thats really ok.

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he still needs a connection to EA in order to play MP problem unsolved... Anyway, losing connection to EA happens quite frequently tbh

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i was lucky on this, just before this whole mess happened my  CC validation date went off, and i never touched my PS3 since. guess i made the right move unconsciously hehe.

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living forever would mean that you would live with your mistakes and regrets forever. one would compare this to hell. with no end. On the other end, choose to live your life again tends to make you more aware of any outcome. If experiencing the deaths of your entourage again might be a pain once, i personnally think it'll bring more philosophy to  it, with more acceptance for fate and life in its whole.
Live our life again also means that you could try absolutly ANYTHING because you know youll start over again somehow. You would also be knowing far in advance what will have success and make profit out of it, but on the other hand, you might be called an heretic in some ways. In that case we better stay in low profile hence we know everything better than anyone about the future.
this is really a good  topic question

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so far mines are uncharted2 Killzone2 and RedDeadRedemption
all available on iTunes

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<a href="http://eu.playstation.com/psn/profile/FilthySistaB/"><img src="http://mypsn.eu.playstation.com/psn/profile/FilthySistaB.png" border="0" /></a>
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