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The Power of Choice 0

I must admit that this is the first and only game I've played in the Deus Ex franchise. Therefore, some of the comments I make may be common knowledge to diehard franchise fans.I love stealth games. Since most titles are geared towards engaging in some form of conflict, there's something very refreshing about an experience where part of the gameplay is avoiding confrontation. As you sneak around the various environments, there's no denying that the atmosphere in this title is absolutely fantasti...

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So I Guess I'm A Masochist? 0

It makes me sad to see that hack'n slash games have become a dying breed. Some claim it's because gameplay has evolved into something so much more sophisticated over the years. Then I observe people playing Farmville or Angry Birds and realize how ridiculous that statement is. A game's addictive qualities can and often are manifested in more than just surface level game mechanics.For me, it all boils down to remuneration. I need to see up front what a title is offering me in relation to the time...

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Atmosphere is King 0

I would like to preface this review by stating that I didn't find anything particularly awe inspiring with the original borderlands title or any of its expansions in regards to gameplay or visual aesthetics. While I enjoyed these elements, this wasn't my first exposure to cell shaded animation or the loot ranking system that was made popular by the Diablo franchise.I've clocked over 120 hours in this game and have just recently started a new campaign in anticipation for the second title coming o...

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